Veritas Volume Manager 5.x

Course:  VERVM1
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course provides a general introduction to Veritas Volume Manager and an overview of Sun's Storage offering and current technologies. It imparts skills needed to create and maintain disk groups disks and volumes and the data withing them. Course members develop an understanding of the properties of the various vxvm structures to a level that enable them to address performance issues as affected by data layout. The course covers advanced volume operations and the use of the command line.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Storage Overview

The development of storage from SCSI onwards

Explaining RAID Levels

The theoretical framework of storage management

Implementing RAID levels

An introduction the VXVM schema.

Software Installation

There is more than one method of attack. The course covers them.

Disk Initialisation and Disk Group Creation

Covering both CDS and sliced disk, the course looks at the whole range of disk formats. Disk groups now have a number of attributes with which the competent system administrator needs to be familiar. It is possible to choose default settings for disk and DG attributes. Disks may be removed as well as added to VXVM!

Basic Volume Configuration

Volume creation and removal are a central message of the course. Creating volumes with appropriate structure and attributes is an important skill. The course offers lots of practice in this area.

Advanced Volume Operations

Going beyond the basic, it is possible to use volume structures to achieve effects beyond efficient secure storage of data, eg perform online backup. The course imparts skills in manipulating volumes after creation, facilitating the provision of a high level of service in storage administration.

Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Veritas provide tools for monitoring volume/disk/sub-disk performance. Analysis of the information requires insight into sub-system behaviour. This module looks at a range of performance scenarios and the data clues surrounding. The module take a practical look at diagnosis and corrective action of performance related problems.

What You Can Expect

Upon completion of this course, Course members should be able to:

  • Describe RAID levels
  • Describe VXVM entities, attributes and their relationships.
  • Install VXVM
  • Configure disks for VXVM use.
  • Create, destroy and manipulate Disk Groups
  • Control Disk Group Attributes
  • Describe all the RAID levels implemented by VXVM
  • Create volumes, selecting appropriate volume structure
  • Monitor and Analyse Performance data of volumes and other entities.
  • Tune volume characteristics.
  • Use vxvm snapshot utlilities to perfom on-line backup
  • Replace a broken disk.
Who Should Take This Course

System Administrators, Support Personnel and anyone responsible for administering an data controlled through Veritas Volume Manager.

Recommended Prerequisites

The course member should have a good general knowledge of Unix administration.

Training Style

The course is delivered by an experienced consultant. Lectures and demonstrations pave the way to practical exercises.

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