Veritas Cluster Server 6.x Fundamentals Workshop (Solaris / Linux)

Course:  VERCSF
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  III
Course Summary

Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) enables an organization to monitor systems and application services, and to restart services on a different system when hardware or software fails. The key to understanding VCS is to learn the various components and how they interact with one another. These include: clusters, resources and resource types, service groups, agents, and communications (GAB and LLT). This course covers the installation of VCS, configuration methods for service groups, configuring notification and troubleshooting problems.

Note that a more comprehensive (5 day) version of this course is also available.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Cluster Server Concepts

  • High availability (HA) concepts
  • Clustering concepts
  • Clustering prerequisites

VCS Building Blocks

  • VCS terminology
  • Cluster communication
  • VCS architecture

Preparing For VCS Implementation

  • Requirements and recommendations for hardware & software
  • Preparing for installation

Installing VCS

  • Using the VERITAS product installer
  • VCS configuration files
  • Viewing the default VCS configuration
  • Other installation considerations

VCS Operations

  • Managing applications in a cluster environment
  • Service group operations
  • Using the VCS Simulator

VCS Configuration Methods

  • Starting and stopping VCS
  • Configuration methods
  • Controlling access to VCS

Preparing Services For High Availability

  • Preparing applications for VCS
  • One-time configuration tasks
  • Testing the application service
  • Stopping an application service
  • Migrating an application service

Online Configuration

  • Adding resources
  • Solving common configuration errors
  • Testing the service group

Offline Configuration

  • Offline configuration practices and tools
  • Solving offline configuration problems
  • Testing the service group

Configuring Notification

  • Notification overview
  • Configuring notification
  • Using triggers for notification

Handling Resource Faults

  • How VCS responds to resource faults
  • Determining failover duration
  • Controlling fault behavior
  • Recovering from resource faults
  • Fault notification
  • Event handling

Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF)

  • IMF overview
  • IMF configuration
  • Faults and failover with intelligent

Cluster Communications

  • VCS communications review
  • Cluster membership
  • Cluster interconnect configuration
  • Joining the cluster membership
  • Changing the interconnect configuration

I/O Fencing

  • Data protection requirements
  • I/O fencing concepts and components
  • I/O fencing operations
  • I/O fencing implementation
  • Configuring I/O fencing

Coordination Point Server (CPS)

  • Coordination point concepts
  • Installing and configuration CP servers
  • Configuring client clusters
  • CPS administration
  • Coordination point agent


  • Monitoring VCS
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Archiving VCS-related files
What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand, install & configure Veritas Cluster Server
  • Configure service groups and resources
  • Manage and maintain a cluster configuration
  • Identify & resolve problems
Who Should Take This Course

This workshop is intended for system administrators and technical support staff who will be deploying and/or managing a VCS infrastructure or applications made highly available using VCS.

Recommended Prerequisites

The workshop requires a prior knowledge of UNIX system administration (specifically Solaris or Linux). Experience of developing shell or Perl scripts is helpful. Furthermore, a working knowledge of VERITAS Volume Manager will be useful, although not essential.

Training Style

Delivery of this course is a combination of classroom-based teaching and hands-on lab sessions.

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