TCP/IP Implementation on z/OS

Course:  TCPZOS
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

The course starts with a review of the central concepts, principles and terminology underlying the z/OS TCP/ IP protocol stack and its interactions with other components. It then provides detailed information on implementing the TCP/IP stack in z/OS Communications Server, co-requisite software, and the main TCP/IP applications supplied with it.

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Topics Covered In This Course

TCP/IP Concepts and Principles

  • Provenance of the TCP/IP architecture
  • Evolution of IBM mainframe networking convergence onto IP
  • Basic elements of TCP/IP networks, hosts & routers
  • The 4 core protocols TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP
  • Routing & routing tables
  • IP addressing IPv4 and IPv6
  • Mapping addresses onto the physical network ARP, RARP, BootP, DHCP
  • Virtual LANs
  • TCP/IP layers & message units
  • Name resolution in TCP/IP DNS & local hosts files

Implementing TCP/IP under z/OS

  • z/OS TCP/IP structure
  • Reliance on VTAM and OSA cards
  • Virtual IP Addresses (VIPAs)
  • Shared and exclusive DLC (I/O driver) types
    • XCF
    • QDIO
    • iQDIO (Hipersockets)
    • Samehost
    • Customization
      • Outline of system requirements
      • The TCP/IP profile
      • The TCPIP.DATA dataset
      • VTAM TRL definitions
      • /etc/services file
      • The TCPIP catalogued procedure
      • SNA continuity Enterprise Extender & TN3270E

Standard TCP/IP Applications

  • FTP
  • DNS
  • syslogd
  • IDS
  • others on demand

TCP/IP in the Sysplex

  • Overview
  • XCF dynamics
  • Unique-instance (application) DVIPA
  • Multi-instance (stack) DVIPA
  • Sysplex Distributor
What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the positioning and functionality of the z/OS TCP/IP stack
  • Implement, modify and tune TCP/IP on the mainframe
  • Customize the major applications such as FTP that are supplied with the TCP/IP product
  • Design and administer advanced z/OS TCP/IP features such as dynamic VIPA and Sysplex Distributor
Who Should Take This Course

This course if for z/OS Communications Systems Programmers and Analysts who will plan, implement and tune the TCP side of z/OS Communication Server

Recommended Prerequisites

Delegates are expected to be familiar with:

  • Basic Mainframe Theory. <
Training Style

The class is led by an instructor in person or by webcast from a coursebook that delegates receive in advance. The coursebook incorporates paper exercises and examples. Significantly better value is achievable, however, if delegates can be coached through custom tasks hands-on in their own estates, using the real-life tooling.

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