IBM Mainframe Networking Communications Server

Course:  NETJS
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

The class is divided into four broad segments. Firstly the class reviews the concepts, principles and terminology behind the TCP/IP protocol. Secondly the class covers the implementation of TCP/IP under z/OS, the required parameters, its close relationship with VTAM/SNA and interaction with application subsystems. Thirdly the Operator Commands required for monitoring and controlling the Network environment will be discussed. The fourth and final segment covers the tools and procedures required for problem resolution.

Wherever possible the instructor will make reference to the client's current and anticipated hardware and software configurations.

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Topics Covered In This Course

TCP/IP Concepts and Principles

  • Background and evolution of the TCP/IP architecture
  • TCP/IP over WANs and LANs
  • MAC address
  • Breaking down the IP address structure ??? including subnet masking
  • Special and reserved IP addresses
  • Classful and Classless addresses
  • Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast addresses
  • Network numbering and Broadcast numbers
  • Sockets
  • Internet Protocol
  • Routing and default gateway

TCP/IP and VTAM/SNA Interatction Under z/OS

  • VTAM/SNA Concepts
  • Why we still use parts of VTAM/SNA in 21st century
  • SNA/APPN and HPO
  • Open System Adaptor (OSA)
  • The IP stack under z/OS
  • TCP/IP and VTAM/SNA interdependencies
  • Telnet and Telnet 3270
  • SNA traffic over IP
  • Enterprise Extenders
  • Required VTAMLST and IP PROFILE parameters
  • The TCP/IP start-up procedure
  • VTAM Startup
  • VTAM Parameters
  • Interaction with application subsystems
  • Describe the Syslog function in the UNIX environment and how to configure the /etc/syslog.conf file
  • Modify the Translate Tables used for connection to hosts that use American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) character coding

Operating and Controlling TCP/IP and VTAM Under z/OS

  • Use z/OS commands to control TCP/IP resources and debug simple network problems
  • Use z/OS commands to control VTAM
  • START Command
  • STOP Command for each server with outstanding calls to TCP/IP
  • STOP Command for each connected server that does not have outstanding calls
  • DISPLAY Command ??? relevant options related to the TCP/IP address space
  • MODIFY Command ??? relevant options related to the TCP/IP address space
  • VARY Command ??? relevant options related to the TCP/IP address space
  • TSO Command options
  • UNIX Command options
  • Activate and analyze trace data to identify the probable source of network problems

Tools and Procedures For Problem Resolution

  • Type of problem, ABEND, hang or loop?
  • VTAM, TCP/IP or other component ??? identify the root cause?
  • Z/OS I/O problem?
  • Shortage of z/OS Common Storage?
  • Performance problem?
  • Document the problem
  • Problem analysis tools, procedures and techniques
  • Develop reliable diagnostic techniques for solving SNA and TCP/IP problems
  • Tools and methods for failure capture and discovery
  • Operator commands for problem determination
  • Common failures and faults: case studies
  • Understanding logical connections between servers and clients
  • Internal communication between TCP/IP tasks
  • Activating and analyzing traces using z/OS system tools
What You Can Expect

This course provides students with a comprehensive grounding in the philosophy, capabilities, structure, commands and interactions of SNA and TCP/IP with other hardware and software components found and implemented within the z/OS environment. Students will leave the class competent and confident to analyze, diagnose and resolve network problems encountered within that environment.

Who Should Take This Course

This class is designed for z/OS and Network Support System Technicians requiring a solid, practically focused grounding in configuring, controlling, monitoring, integrating and diagnosing the Communications server (VTAM/SNA and TCP/IP) environment on a z/Series server.

Recommended Prerequisites

A general exposure to the z/OS environment is desirable, along with practical experience of configuring, controlling and monitoring the z/OS environment.

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