IPv6 - Protocols, Implementation and Migration

Course:  MFIPV6
Duration:  2 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

Understand IPv6 in-depth with this practically focused training course.

IP version 6 (IPv6) is widely recognized as the protocol and network standard that the Internet, mobile networks, mobile devices and all IP networks, will ultimately migrate to. This practically focused IPv6 training course provides a solid insight into IPv6 features, benefits, operation, co-existence with IPv4 and migration to IPv6.

Where ever possible the class will reference the clients current and planned configurations and practical demonstrations will be included.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Why IPv6

  • Current status of IPv4
  • Limitations of IPv4
  • IP address depletion
  • Security
  • Class of Service
  • IPv6 standards
  • IPv6 Internet Access

The IPv6 Protocol

  • IPv6 header format
  • IPv6 option headers
  • Address format and notation
  • "Special" and reserved addresses
  • The Datagram service
  • Datagram hop limit
  • Eliminating checksums
  • IPv6 Plug-and-Play configuration
  • Obtaining IPv6 addresses

Configuring IPv6

  • Stateless & stateful autoconfiguration
  • Link local addressing
  • ICMPv6
  • Duplicate Address Detection
  • Address resolution
  • Neighbor discovery & solicitation
  • Router discovery
  • ICMPv6 redirection
  • DHCPv6

Internetworking with IPv6

  • Global addressing
  • Address assignment and management
  • IPv6 Routing
  • IPv6 routing protocols
  • RIPng
  • OSPFv3
  • ISIS
  • BGP
  • IPv6 Fragmentation and Reassembly policy
  • Discovering path MTU
  • Fragmentation option header
  • IPv6 Security
  • Host Authentication
  • Using MD5 hashing
  • AH header
  • Generating keys
  • Encryption services and algorithms
  • ESH header
  • Distributing and authenticating keys
  • Employing IPv6 security

Implementing DNS for IPv6

  • AAAA resource records
  • Coexistence with IPv4
  • Dynamic DNS

Migrating from IPv4 to IPv6

  • Dual Stacking IPv6 & IPv4
  • Tunnelling IPv6 over IPv4
    • "6 over 4" tunnels
    • "6to4" tunneling
  • Tunnelling IPv4 over IPv6
  • Limitations of tunnelling
  • BGP Tunnels
  • PE6
  • IPv6 and MPLS
  • IPv6 and VPLS
  • IPv6 over GRE
  • ISATAP Tunnel
  • Network address translation
  • IPv4 to IPv6 address Translation
  • IPv6 NAT
  • Coexisting addressing schemes
  • Migrating addressing schemes

Advanced usage of IPv6

  • Real-Time support
  • Real-time tagging, flow labels
  • Interworking IPv6
  • Mobile IPv6
  • Location-independent addressing
  • Address management
Who Should Take This Course

Network managers, network designers, networks consultants and IT support staff responsible for planning or supporting IPv4 or IPv6 networks.

All staff responsible for evaluating or implementing IPv6.

Recommended Prerequisites

Delegates should have a solid understanding of IPv4 protocols, addressing, implementation, configuration and testing prior to attending this IPv6 training course.

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