RPG Meets The Web

Course:  RPGWEB
Duration:  1 Day
Level:  II
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Topics Covered In This Course


ISeries HTTP Server

Basic HTML

The iSeries CGI Application Programming Interfaces

Printing to the Web

Interacting with a Browser

HTML Forms

Coding external HTML with CGIDEV2, a free tool from IBM.


Optional exercises

Materials Provided as well as course notes each attendee will receive a CD containing all material used during the seminar.

What You Can Expect

This seminar shows you fastest way to get your iSeries or AS/ 400 applications talking to the Web without the need for Java, ASPs, JSPs or Websphere. Everything you require already exists in RPG IV and the iSeries HTTP Server.. CGI allows the system to make your data available through RPG, COBOL or any HLL, for enquiry or update, on standard HTML web pages on the internet or intranet. It is the most useful and productive first step in bringing existingapplications to the Web. At the end of the seminar you will be able to:

  • Code HLL programs to write data to a Web page.
  • Understand and write HTML.
  • Use the CGI Application Programming Interfaces.
Who Should Take This Course

This course is for experienced programmers and analysts who wish to upgrade their existing skills. The course is taught in an RPG environment, but what you will learn can be applied equally to COBOL or any High Level Language (HLL).

Recommended Prerequisites

Fluency in RPG programming is essential.

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