Joint/Rapid Application Development

Course:  JRAD
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

Successful application development projects require effective interaction between users and information services representatives. A variety of specialists from both groups may be involved in requirements planning, analysis, and/or design JAD/RAD sessions throughout the development life cycle. A facilitator and recorder(s) work with the project sponsor and project leader to perform the vital role of planning JAD/RAD sessions, and they enable JAD/ RAD participants to interact productively during the sessions, while assuring that session deliverables are documented accurately.

This workshop addresses major outputs developed in JAD/RAD sessions (requirements, data and process models, screens, and report designs), as well as providing skill development in communication, facilitation, and participation techniques that contribute to commitment and consensus-building among team members. Workshops provide experience in the phases of the JAD/RAD process (definition, research, planning, follow-up, and evaluation). Simulated JAD/RAD session activities allow opportunities for extensive practice in facilitation and documentation.

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Topics Covered In This Course


  • JAD/RAD Definition
  • JAD and RAD in the Development Life Cycle
  • JAD/RAD Deliverables
  • Deliverable Templates
  • CASE/Development Tools and JAD/RAD
  • JAD/RAD Integration
  • Stand Alone RAD
  • Prototypes
  • RAD Strategy
  • Workshop:Select Life Cycle Deliverables for JAD/RAD Sessions


  • Objectives
  • Psychological Climate
  • JAD/RAD Rules
  • JAD/RAD Behavioral Guides
  • JAD/RAD Logistics
    • Meeting Room Evaluation Checklist
    • Room Arrangement
    • Setting Up the Meeting Room
  • JAD/RAD Timing Requirements
  • JAD/RAD Phases
  • JAD/RAD Session Types
  • Workshops:
    • (1)  Develop JAD/RAD Rules.
    • (2)  Arrange JAD/RAD Room.
    • (3)  Develop JAD/RAD Session
  • Evaluation Criteria


  • Executive Sponsor
  • Project Leader
  • JAD/RAD Team Members
  • Recorder Role and Characteristics
  • Facilitator Role and Characteristics
  • Facilitator and Recorder Partnership
  • RAD Technography / Data/ Screen / Reports
  • Coordination of JAD/RAD Personnel
  • Workshops:
    • (1)  Develop Facilitator Planning Checklist.
    • (2)  Develop Supplies/Equipment Checklist.


  • Note Taking
    • Note Taking Guidelines
    • Note Taking With a Flip Chart
    • Note Taking With an Overhead Projector
    • Forms to Produce Deliverables
    • Note Taking With Software
  • Workshop:Noting Results
  • Listening
    • Normal Listening
    • Active Listening
    • When to Use Active Listening
  • Workshop:Active Listening Practice
  • Questioning
    • Questioning in Group Facilitation
    • Question Types
    • Open-ended Questions
    • Specific Questions
    • Binary Questions
    • Pseudo Questions
    • Standard Questions
    • Questioning Guidelines
    • Dealing with the Answers
  • Workshop:Questions for Roles/Responsibilities
  • Observing
    • Process versus Content
    • Observable Behaviors
    • Observable Interaction Patterns
    • Observing Body Language
    • Raising Group Process Awareness
    • Providing Process Feedback
  • Workshop:Process Observation
  • Selling
    • Sales Strategies
    • Intellectual Approach
    • Financial Approach
    • Emotional Approach
    • The Close
    • Selling JAD/RAD
  • Workshop:JAD/RAD Sales Presentation
  • Consensus Building
    • Definition of Consensus
    • Importance of Consensus Building
    • Consensus Building Tools and Techniques
    • Confirming Consensus
  • Handling Problem Behavior
    • Intervention Criteria
    • Selecting an Intervention
    • The Excessive Talker
    • The Non Participator
    • The Avoider
    • The Degrader
    • The Opposer
    • The Side Conversationalists
  • Workshop:Interventions for Problem Behavior
  • Handling Conflict
    • Conflict Types
    • Conflict Resolution Techniques
    • Conflicts Between Users and IS
  • Facilitation Guidelines


  • Effective Group Dynamics
  • Facilitating a Group of Adults
  • Stages of Group to Team Evolution
  • Group Roles
  • Developing Sub Groups
  • Successful Group Facilitation
  • Facilitator Training


  • Phases
  • Timing
  • Open Issues
  • Assumptions
  • Project Definition
    • Topics
    • Project Methodology
  • Workshop:Develop/Conduct Executive Sponsor Interview
  • Research
    • What the Facilitator Needs to Know
    • Researching the JAD/RAD participants
    • Researching the Current System
  • Workshop:Define Current System
  • Planning
    • Planning Activities
    • Participant Education
    • Benefits of an Agenda
    • Agenda Dependencies
    • Agenda Development
    • Agenda Item - Content
    • Agenda Item - Format
    • Agenda Item - Level of Detail
    • Agenda Item - Process (Exercises)
    • Agenda Item - Scripts
  • Workshop:Plan Detailed Agenda
  • JAD/RAD Sessions
    • Target Meetings
    • Focus Group Interview
    • Structured Walk-through
    • Workshops
    • Conducting the Workshop
  • Follow-up
    • Focus Group Interview
    • Target Meeting
  • Evaluation


  • JAD/RAD benefits
  • When to use JAD/RAD
  • JAD/RAD Critical Success Factors
  • Tips for JAD/RAD Success
  • Lessons Learned



  • Brainstorming
  • Structured Brainstorming
  • Straight Talk
  • Forcefield Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • List Reduction
  • Balance Sheets
  • Criteria Rating
  • Weighted Voting
  • Paired Comparison
  • Team Feedback


  • Introduction to Case Study
  • Research Phase Materials
  • Planning Phase Materials
  • Critiquing Materials
What You Can Expect

After taking this course the student should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of the what, why, where, who, and how of a Joint Application Development/Rapid Application Development.
  • Describe the contributions of the facilitator, recorder(s), and other key players to the success of JAD/RAD sessions.
  • Understand elements of effective group dynamics
  • Detail elements of JAD/RAD session preparation, research, planning, facilitating, and follow-up activities
  • Outline a variety of facilitation and recording techniques
  • Build facilitation and participation skills
  • Provide opportunities for practice and critique of facilitation, recording, and participation behaviors.
Who Should Take This Course

This workshop is designed to prepare facilitators, recorders, project leaders and project team members to facilitate and record elements of the JAD/RAD process, or to become more effective project team members. Attendance at the training session is limited to fifteen participants.

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