Joint/Rapid Application Development

Course:   JRAD
Duration:   3 Days
Level:   I
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Course Summary

Successful application development projects require effective interaction between users and information services representatives. A variety of specialists from both groups may be involved in requirements planning, analysis, and/or design JAD/RAD sessions throughout the development life cycle. A facilitator and recorder(s) work with the project sponsor and project leader to perform the vital role of planning JAD/RAD sessions, and they enable JAD/ RAD participants to interact productively during the sessions, while assuring that session deliverables are documented accurately.

This workshop addresses major outputs developed in JAD/RAD sessions (requirements, data and process models, screens, and report designs), as well as providing skill development in communication, facilitation, and participation techniques that contribute to commitment and consensus-building among team members. Workshops provide experience in the phases of the JAD/RAD process (definition, research, planning, follow-up, and evaluation). Simulated JAD/RAD session activities allow opportunities for extensive practice in facilitation and documentation.

Topics Covered In This Course


  • JAD/RAD Definition
  • JAD and RAD in the Development Life Cycle
  • JAD/RAD Deliverables
  • Deliverable Templates
  • CASE/Development Tools and JAD/RAD
  • JAD/RAD Integration
  • Stand Alone RAD
  • Prototypes
  • RAD Strategy
  • Workshop:Select Life Cycle Deliverables for JAD/RAD Sessions


  • Objectives
  • Psychological Climate
  • JAD/RAD Rules
  • JAD/RAD Behavioral Guides
  • JAD/RAD Logistics
    • Meeting Room Evaluation Checklist
    • Room Arrangement
    • Setting Up the Meeting Room
  • JAD/RAD Timing Requirements
  • JAD/RAD Phases
  • JAD/RAD Session Types
  • Workshops:
    • (1)  Develop JAD/RAD Rules.
    • (2)  Arrange JAD/RAD Room.
    • (3)  Develop JAD/RAD Session
  • Evaluation Criteria


  • Executive Sponsor
  • Project Leader
  • JAD/RAD Team Members
  • Recorder Role and Characteristics
  • Facilitator Role and Characteristics
  • Facilitator and Recorder Partnership
  • RAD Technography / Data/ Screen / Reports
  • Coordination of JAD/RAD Personnel
  • Workshops:
    • (1)  Develop Facilitator Planning Checklist.
    • (2)  Develop Supplies/Equipment Checklist.


  • Note Taking
    • Note Taking Guidelines
    • Note Taking With a Flip Chart
    • Note Taking With an Overhead Projector
    • Forms to Produce Deliverables
    • Note Taking With Software
  • Workshop:Noting Results
  • Listening
    • Normal Listening
    • Active Listening
    • When to Use Active Listening
  • Workshop:Active Listening Practice
  • Questioning
    • Questioning in Group Facilitation
    • Question Types
    • Open-ended Questions
    • Specific Questions
    • Binary Questions
    • Pseudo Questions
    • Standard Questions
    • Questioning Guidelines
    • Dealing with the Answers
  • Workshop:Questions for Roles/Responsibilities
  • Observing
    • Process versus Content
    • Observable Behaviors
    • Observable Interaction Patterns
    • Observing Body Language
    • Raising Group Process Awareness
    • Providing Process Feedback
  • Workshop:Process Observation
  • Selling
    • Sales Strategies
    • Intellectual Approach
    • Financial Approach
    • Emotional Approach
    • The Close
    • Selling JAD/RAD
  • Workshop:JAD/RAD Sales Presentation
  • Consensus Building
    • Definition of Consensus
    • Importance of Consensus Building
    • Consensus Building Tools and Techniques
    • Confirming Consensus
  • Handling Problem Behavior
    • Intervention Criteria
    • Selecting an Intervention
    • The Excessive Talker
    • The Non Participator
    • The Avoider
    • The Degrader
    • The Opposer
    • The Side Conversationalists
  • Workshop:Interventions for Problem Behavior
  • Handling Conflict
    • Conflict Types
    • Conflict Resolution Techniques
    • Conflicts Between Users and IS
  • Facilitation Guidelines


  • Effective Group Dynamics
  • Facilitating a Group of Adults
  • Stages of Group to Team Evolution
  • Group Roles
  • Developing Sub Groups
  • Successful Group Facilitation
  • Facilitator Training


  • Phases
  • Timing
  • Open Issues
  • Assumptions
  • Project Definition
    • Topics
    • Project Methodology
  • Workshop:Develop/Conduct Executive Sponsor Interview
  • Research
    • What the Facilitator Needs to Know
    • Researching the JAD/RAD participants
    • Researching the Current System
  • Workshop:Define Current System
  • Planning
    • Planning Activities
    • Participant Education
    • Benefits of an Agenda
    • Agenda Dependencies
    • Agenda Development
    • Agenda Item - Content
    • Agenda Item - Format
    • Agenda Item - Level of Detail
    • Agenda Item - Process (Exercises)
    • Agenda Item - Scripts
  • Workshop:Plan Detailed Agenda
  • JAD/RAD Sessions
    • Target Meetings
    • Focus Group Interview
    • Structured Walk-through
    • Workshops
    • Conducting the Workshop
  • Follow-up
    • Focus Group Interview
    • Target Meeting
  • Evaluation


  • JAD/RAD benefits
  • When to use JAD/RAD
  • JAD/RAD Critical Success Factors
  • Tips for JAD/RAD Success
  • Lessons Learned



  • Brainstorming
  • Structured Brainstorming
  • Straight Talk
  • Forcefield Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • List Reduction
  • Balance Sheets
  • Criteria Rating
  • Weighted Voting
  • Paired Comparison
  • Team Feedback


  • Introduction to Case Study
  • Research Phase Materials
  • Planning Phase Materials
  • Critiquing Materials
What You Can Expect

After taking this course the student should be able to:

Who Should Take This Course

This workshop is designed to prepare facilitators, recorders, project leaders and project team members to facilitate and record elements of the JAD/RAD process, or to become more effective project team members. Attendance at the training session is limited to fifteen participants.

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