DB2 System Performance Tuning

Course:  DB2ST
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

The course provides detailed coverage of DB2 System Performance Tuning for DB2 UDB for z/OS and OS/390. It is intended for DBAs and systems programmers. A good working knowledge of DB2 is a prerequisite. The course includes demonstrations using any available on-line DB2 performance monitor.

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Topics Covered In This Course


  • What is Performance?
  • Performance Factors.
  • Performance Objectives.

DB2 Architecture

  • DB2 Address Spaces.
  • RDS, DM and BM.
  • Connections and Threads.
  • Serialisation Mechanisms.
  • Resource Accounting.

System Performance Factors

  • Virtual Storage Layout.
  • DBAS Storage.
  • DB2 System Parameters.
  • Allied Address Spaces.
  • DB2 and Workload Manager.

Buffer Pool Processes

  • Buffer Pool Basics.
  • Virtual Pools and Hiperpools.
  • VBPs in Data Spaces.
  • Getpage Processing.
  • Sequential, Dynamic, and List Prefetch.
  • Parallelism.
  • DB2 Sort.
  • Buffer Pool Thresholds.

Monitoring & Tuning the Buffer Pools

  • Buffer Pool Assignments.
  • Using Hiperpools and Data Spaces.
  • Buffer Pool Settings.
  • Prefetch and Parallelism.
  • Monitoring and Tuning the Buffer Pools.

Measuring & Reporting

  • DB2 Instrumentation Facility.
  • Statistics, Accounting, and Performance Traces.

The EDM Pool

  • EDM Pool Management.
  • Dynamic Statement Caching.
  • EDM Pool Monitoring and Tuning.

Log Buffers

  • Commit Processing.
  • Forward Recovery and Rollback.
  • Active Log, Archive Log, and BSDS.
  • Checkpoints.
  • Fast Log Apply.
  • Monitoring and Tuning DB2 Logging.

Transaction Locking

  • Lock Size, Mode, and Duration.
  • Tablespace Locks.
  • Page and Row Locks.
  • Lock Avoidance.
  • Page Latching, C_LSN, and PUNC.
  • IRLM.
  • Locking Parameters.
  • LOB Locking.
  • Monitoring and Tuning Locking.

Other Serialisation Mechanisms

  • Partition Independence.
  • Claim and Drain.
  • Restrictive States.
  • Monitoring Claim and Drain.

DB2 Attachments

  • The TSO, CICS, IMS, and Call Attaches.
  • Two Phase Commit.
  • Monitoring and Tuning the Attaches.

DDF, SPs, and UDFs

Utilities and Special Processes

  • Utility Serialisation.
  • Load, Reorg, Copy, Recover, and Runstats.
  • Monitoring Utilities.
  • DB2 Catalog and Directory.

Other I/O Issues

  • Dataset Placement and Cache.
  • Pageset Open and Close.
  • I/O Scheduling Priority.
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