DB2 10 z/OS Transition

Course:  DB2M10
Duration:  1 Day
Level:  II
Course Summary

The course is designed to instruct those delegates who are fairly confident in designing, writing and testing DB2 applications and now need to know the facilities, functions and changes that are available to them with DB2 10. If Skip Migration is being employed then the DB2 9 and DB2 10 Transition courses can be combined.

Practical exercises can be provided.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Environment Changes

  • Subsystem enhancements
  • Virtual storage constraint relief
  • 64 bit Evolution
  • Further processing above 2GB bar
  • Buffer pool prefetch and deferred write
  • MEMBER CLUSTER allowed for Universal Tablespaces
  • Compression changes
  • RACF password phrases
  • RACF Identity propagation
  • SSL encryption
  • WLM
  • Parallelism enhancements
  • Reduction in latch contention
  • Shutdown and restart times DSMAX
  • Compress checking
  • Reduction in catalog contention
  • Alter Page size & Member cluster
  • Online add active log
  • Dataset level FlashCopy option
  • Dynamic adding an active log dataset
  • Temporal Tables

SQL Changes

  • Scalar Function changes
  • Compress on insert
  • Index INCLUDE columns
  • Versioned data / AS OF queries
  • Generated column support - ALTER TABLE GENERATED AS
  • Greater TIMESTAMP precision
  • Special indicator for "value not supplied" or "DEFAULT"
  • Compress on Insert

DDL Changes

  • Create TABLESPACE statement
  • Online schema statement

XML Changes

  • pureQuery extensions to Java
  • Performance enhancement to XML schema validation
  • Binary XML exchange
  • XML multi-versioning
  • Introduction of XQuery syntax
  • Partial updates to XML documents
  • Stored proc, UDF, Trigger enhanced support for XML

Performance Changes

  • Explain changes
  • Locking - new ISO(CS) option
  • Reduced Catalog contention during DDL/BIND/Prepare
  • Bind constraints - 64GB limit increased for SPT01
  • Index INSERT parallelism
  • Reduced performance impact of disorganized indexes
  • LOBs changes
  • Auto statistics collection
  • Improved control over (re)optimization
  • Stabilizing access paths
  • Indexing support for DECFLOAT
  • Dynamic statement cache control
  • Dynamic SQL caching enhancements
  • Use indexes on more types of queries
  • Predicate evaluation enhancements - UNION
  • Predicate evaluation enhancements - CTEs
  • FETCH FIRST 1 ROW changes
  • Query parallelism enhancements
  • EXPLAIN for JDBC and CLI statements

Programming Changes

  • SQL stored procedures enhancements
  • SPL changes
  • Greater Session variable control
  • RETURN TO CLIENT capability for nested stored procedures
  • Indicator Variables

Utility / Command Changes

  • CHECK utility
  • Online REORG
  • REORG schema alteration
  • Utilities support for online schema changes

Data Warehousing Changes

  • Moving Sum
  • Moving Average
  • Enhanced query parallelism
  • Dynamic Index ANDing improvements
  • New "In-memory" techniques
  • Statistical views
Who Should Take This Course

IT personnel who need to know DB2 10 facilities and how it might affect them.

Recommended Prerequisites

Those attending the course should be familiar with DB2.

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