DB2 Application Data Recovery

Course:  DB2DR
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

The course provides detailed coverage of DB2 for z/OS

Application Data Recovery. It is intended for application DBAs and designers and anyone else who needs to understand DB2 data recovery. A general knowledge of DB2 is a prerequisite. The course includes practical exercises.

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Topics Covered In This Course

DB2 Objects

  • Tables.
  • Storage Groups & Databases.
  • Tablespaces.
  • Indexes.
  • Free Space.
  • Referential Integrity.
  • The Catalog and Directory.

Physical Database Organisation

  • Tablespace Layout and Index Structure.

Recovery Overview

  • Backup & Recovery.
  • The Unit of Recovery.
  • Logging.
  • DB2 Buffer Pool.
  • Commit Processing.
  • Forward Recovery and Rollback.
  • Locking.

DB2 Utilities

  • Standard Recovery Utilities.
  • Utilities that Impact Recovery.
  • Stand Alone Utilities.
  • Invoking Utilities.

Standard Backup and Recovery

  • Image Copy.
  • Recovery.
  • Index Recovery.
  • Mergecopy.
  • Report Recovery.
  • Modify.
  • Concurrent Copy.
  • Inline Image Copies.

Recovery Data

  • Image Copies.
  • Logs & BSDS.
  • Log Records.
  • Catalog & Directory.

Data Object States

  • Display Database Command.
  • Possible Statuses.
  • Changing States.
  • Resetting States set by DB2.
  • Check Data, Check LOB, Check Index.
  • Repair.
  • Error Range and LPL.

Recovery to a Prior Point in Time

  • Point of Consistency.
  • Quiesce.
  • Report Tablespaceset.
  • Recovery to POC.
  • Recover Tocopy.
  • Recover Logonly.

Recovery after Drop

  • Problems caused by Drop.
  • Recovering the data.
  • Finding the Object Ids.

Third Party Utilities

  • Using third party utilities.
  • General differences.
  • BMC Copy Plus and Recover Plus.
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