DB2 for LUW (Linux, UNIX, Windows)

Course:  DB2UDBI
Duration:  2 Days
Level:  I
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Topics Covered In This Course

Relational Database Concepts

- The Relational Model.

- Data Structure Rules.

- Relationships.

- The Relational Operators.

- Integrity Rules.

- DB2 and the Relational Model.

DB2 Features

- What is DB2?

- What is SQL?

- Command Line Processor.

- Command Center and Control Center.

- DB2 Packaging.

DB2 Objects

- Tables.

- Databases.

- Tablespaces.

- Built-In and Distinct Data Types.

- Indexes.

- Free Space.

- Large Objects.

- The DB2 Catalog.

Program and User Interface

- The SQL language.

- Dynamic and Static SQL.

- Data Definition.

- Data Manipulation.

- Select.

- The DB2 Optimizer.

- Constants.

- Views and Aliases.

- Embedded SQL.

- Host Variables and Cursors.

- Nulls.

- Special Registers.

- Operational Environment.

- Instances and Databases.

- Connections.

- End User Access.

- DB2 Utilities.


Reading Data

- Select.

- Selection Criteria.

- Arithmetic.

- Built-In Functions.

- Group By.

- Select Distinct.

Updating Data

- Adding Rows.

- Deleting Rows.

- Updating Rows.

- Concurrency.

- Unit of Work.

- Locking.

- Commit and Rollback.

What You Can Expect

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to IBM's DB2 database management system for LUW (Linux, UNIX, and Windows). The course includes practical exercises.

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone with a need to understand DB2 for LUW basics.

Recommended Prerequisites

A basic knowledge of the Linux, UNIX, or Windows operating systems.

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