Creating Advanced Function Presentation Resources

Course:  CAFPR
Duration:  4 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course teaches the delegate how to create and/or use Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) resources in a z/OS environment. After relevant lectures, delegates will create electronic overlays, page definitions and form definitions. They will also select fonts and page segments as required to meet application requirements. The Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA) and Overlay Generation Language (OGL) utility programs will be used to create the resources.

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Topics Covered In This Course

A Brief Overview of AFP

  • Concepts and terminology
  • AFP resources
  • Using fonts and code pages
  • Categories of AFP application
  • More about Presentation

Electronic Overlays

  • Overlay concepts
  • OGL syntax and coding examples
  • Practical using OGL to create an Overlay

Page Definitions

  • Page Definition Concepts
  • Processing traditional line data print files
  • PPFA syntax and worked examples
  • Practical for creating Page Definitions

Fields in Page Definitions

  • Field positioning using PPFA
  • Creating a bar code using a FIELD
  • Creating a page definition with FIELDs

Form Definitions

  • Form Definition Concepts
  • PPFA syntax
  • PPFA worked examples
  • Delegate Practical for using FIELDs and creating Form Definitions

Graphics and Image with AFP

  • Concepts and Graphics and Image Formats
  • Creating and using Page Segments

Practical combining all topics covered at this stage

Advanced Applications

  • Using multiple Page Formats and Copy Groups
  • Using Duplexing and Table Reference Characters
  • Using RELATIVE PRINTLINE and Including Page Overlays
  • Record Formatting and the extra options it offers
    • Different Types of Print Records
    • Format Identifiers and LAYOUTs
    • Page Margins and Graphic Objects
    • Automatic Page Numbering
  • Practical for Advanced Applications

Multiple-Up and Power Positioning

  • Multiple Up Applications
  • Basic and Full Power Positioning
  • PPFA Parameters

Conditional Processing

  • What Conditional Processing does
  • Rules for processing CONDITION statements
  • Practical for Conditional Processing

Bar Code Objects

  • Linear and two-dimension Bar Codes
  • Different ways of creating these
  • Practical for creating Bar Codes using PPFA

Course review

Who Should Take This Course

This course is intended for all users in a z/OS environment who need to design, create and/or implement AFP Resources. This may include operations support personnel, programmers, analysts and systems programmers.

Recommended Prerequisites

Delegates should be familiar with the basic concepts of data processing in an operating system with a spooling subsystem.

Training Style

Instructor-led with Hands-On exercises.

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