Using Advanced Function Presentation

Course:  AFPU
Duration:  4 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course teaches the delegate how to create and use the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) resources that are used with category 3 Advanced Function Presentation applications under Print Services Facility (PSF for OS/390, PSF/VM or PSF/VSE) or Infoprint Manager for AIX or NT.

These resources include:

  • Page Definitions,
  • Form Definitions,
  • Electronic Overlays,
  • Fonts and
  • Page Segments.

A category 3 application is one in which formatting is done on a print file basis. Customised AFP resources are used to provide a single output format style for each page in a print file or data set.

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Topics Covered In This Course
  • Overview of the Advanced Function Presentation concepts, resources, application categories and products
  • Building electronic overlays using OGL/370 and how these may be specified and used
  • Building page and form definitions with reference to the PPFA (Page Printer Formatting Aid) program and how these may be specified and used
  • Using fonts whenever text is to be formatted and describing the different components of a font
  • Using page segments and image and graphic objects to display pictorial objects, such as logos and signatures
  • Building selected linear bar code objects in the page definition and electronic overlay and describing how to build two-dimensional bar code objects in the page definition.
  • Building AFP resources to exploit multiple-up printing, duplexing, using fixed and tailored forms and using Table Reference Characters
  • Describing the functions provided by both basic and enhanced Power Positioning and when the use of either can be exploited.
What You Can Expect

After completing this course, the delegate should be able to:

  • Describe the basic concepts of Advanced Function Presentation
  • Describe the purpose of the Advanced Function Presentation resources
  • Describe the categories of Advanced Function Presentation applications
  • Create Form Definitions and Page Definitions using Page Printer Formatting Aid
  • Create Electronic Overlays using Overlay Generation Language/370
  • Select and use Fonts and Page Segments
  • Use additional print control features such as table reference characters (TRC's) and carriage control
  • Code the appropriate print control statements necessary to print data created by AFP applications
  • Exploit Conditional Processing in a Page Definition to change Page Formats and Copy Groups as required.
  • Exploit both Basic and Enhanced Power Positioning in a Form Definition in order to meet application requirements.
Who Should Take This Course

This course is intended for those who are responsible for designing, creating and implementing Advanced Function Presentation resources for category 3 Advanced Function Presentation applications.

Recommended Prerequisites

Before attending this course, you should have a basic understanding of printing applications in a spooling environment, such as when using JES under z/OS.

Training Style

It is a classroom course with a very significant practical component. It may be run on customer premises only if suitable arrangements can be made to run the practicals with an AFP printer near the classroom.

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