REXX Programming Workshop

Course:   REXX1
Duration:   4 Days
Level:   I
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Topics Covered In This Course

This course provides instruction on the use of the Restructured EXtended eXecutor (REXX) language. A large number of terminal exercises are used to reinforce and emphasize the lecture material. The exercises are organized to allow students to progress at their own pace. The course assumes no previous knowledge of the REXX, however some programming background is essential.

REXX is a general purpose, high-level, procedural language that can be used for interactive programs and offers significant advantages over older EXEC/EXEC2 (VM) and CLIST (TSO and NetView) interpreted languages. REXX is similar to PL/1 or Pascal in syntax and structure, but has quite a few implementation unique capabilities.

The course begins with some historical background of the REXX language and its position in Systems Application Architecture (SAA). Language components, operators, instructions, and functions are introduced in turn. This course also covers extensions to the languages that are pertinent to each student's environment.

Students are encouraged to develop REXX programs in class, that may be useful in their current work environment. Students will be placed one or two per a terminal, and all students will be provided individual attention according to their required needs.

What You Can Expect
Who Should Take This Course

This hands on, workshop-oriented course is intended for analysts, operators, system administrators, and technical support personnel who have a need to write, understand, or maintain REXX programs. This course applies to the VM/CMS, MVS/TSO, and NetView environments.

Recommended Prerequisites
Training Style

Class consists of classroom lecture and lab sessions.

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