Advanced REXX Programming

Course:  REXXADV
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
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Topics Covered In This Course

This course provides instruction on the advanced use of the Restructured EXtended eXecutor (REXX) language. A large number of terminal exercises are used to reinforce and emphasize the lecture material. The course assumes experience programming with REXX.

The course encourages students to write complex REXX programs that manipulate TSO files, that interact with ISPF, and that execute utility programs normally executed with JCL in batch jobs.

The level of difficulty of programs is above that of the introductory REXX course. Students will learn by interacting with the system and resolving difficulties that may arise. Individual help is readily available.

With internet access, in the classroom, students will be encouraged to get up-to-date information directly from the pertinent IBM programming manuals.

What You Can Expect
  • Perform the actions necessary to set up one's TSO session to execute REXX programs in testing/development mode. This includes setting up a PF key, writing a REXX program to set up and enter ISPF.
  • Execute TSO line mode commands such as LISTDS, DELETE, ALLOCATE, FREE, CALL, REPRO inside a REXX program.
  • Obtain dataset attributes using LISTDS, LISTDSI and SYSDSN.
  • Create and manipulate a list of datasets using LISTCAT inside a REXX program.
  • Create and manipulate a list of members of a PDS using LISTDS inside a REXX program.
  • Execute utility programs such as IEBGENER and IDCAMS inside a REXX program.
  • Obtain a list of batch jobs currently in the system, and manipulate the jobs inside a REXX program.
  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of REXX compound variables by writing a "Bubble sort" and a password generator program in REXX.
  • Use the ISPF Library Management Facility in REXX to obtain a list of PDS members, browse all members of a PDS, read and write sequential files.
  • Understand the differences between REXX and TSO CLIST, and determine which language is best for a specific purpose.
  • Use EXECIO to update a sequential file in place.
  • Understand and use the ISPF Dialogue Manager facility to create simple panels and to display error messages based on user input.
Who Should Take This Course

This hands on, workshop-oriented course is intended for programmers, operators, system administrators, and technical support personnel experienced writing REXX programs who want to explore REXX's advanced capabilities. This course applies to the MVS/TSO environment.

Recommended Prerequisites

Students should meet at least these minimum requirements:

  • Programming experience of at least 6 months in REXX on MVS/TSO.
  • A solid understanding of the MVS file system, including sequential, partitioned and VSAM files.
  • A solid level of experience in using the TSO/ISPF editor and TSO/ISPF online facilities.
Training Style

Class consists of classroom lecture and lab sessions.

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