Basic PowerBuilder 11.5 Programming

Course:   PBPI
Duration:   5 Days
Level:   I
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Course Summary

This course introduces students to the PowerBuilder 11.5 development environment. Each component of the PowerBuilder 11.5 IDE is covered in the context of using PowerBuilder to develop GUI-based client/server business applications.

Topics Covered In This Course

Introduction to PowerBuilder

  • Role of PowerBuilder in Application Development
  • PowerBuilder Application Architectures
  • Platforms and Databases Supported by PowerBuilder
  • PowerBuilder Concepts and Terminology

The PowerBuilder Environment

  • Painter Structure
  • Customizing Toolbars
  • The System Tree
  • The Clip Window
  • Managing Painter Views and Panes
  • Object Browser

Creating an Application

  • Creating Workspaces
  • Creating Targets
  • Creating Application Objects
  • Application Object Properties

Creating Windows

  • Types of Windows and Controls
  • Building Windows
  • Window Inheritance

PowerBuilder Scripts

  • Language Syntax
  • Using the PowerScript Painter
  • Control Structures
  • PowerScript Functions
  • Structures
  • Script Inheritance

Course Agenda (continued)

User Defined Function and Events

  • Global Functions versus Object Functions
  • Creating User Functions
  • Defining User Events
  • Invoking User Events

Creating DataWindows

  • Presentation Styles
  • Data Sources
  • DataWindow SQL Options
  • Customizing the DataWindow Design

Implementing DataWindows

  • Associating DataWindow Objects with DataWindow Controls
  • Transaction Objects
  • DataWindow Functions

DataWindow Updates

  • Controlling Updates
  • Data Validation Process
  • Transaction Management

Creating Menus

  • Menu Styles
  • Creating Menu Bars and MenuItems
  • Menu Events and Scripts
  • Popup Menus
  • Menu Inheritance

MDI Applications

  • MDI Window Types
  • MDI Related PowerScript Functions
  • MDI Menus
  • Toolbars

Course Agenda (continued)

Distributing the Application

  • Creating an Application Executable
  • PowerBuilder Resource Files
  • PowerBuilder Dynamic Libraries
  • Creating a Machine Code Executable
  • Creating a .NET WinForm Application

Supplemental Topics (as time permits)

  • The PowerBuilder Debugger
  • Managing Database Tables
    • Maintaining Database Profiles
    • Manipulating Table Data
    • Creating Extended Attributes
    • Assigning Extended Attributes
    • Creating and Maintaining Table Definitions
  • The Library Painter
What You Can Expect

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

Who Should Take This Course

This intensive hands-on course is designed for application programmers responsible for the design and implementation of client/server applications using PowerBuilder 11.5.

Recommended Prerequisites
Training Style

Instructor-led, including a series of written and lab exercises used to reinforce the classroom education.

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