Using the .NET Facilities of PowerBuilder 12.5

Course:  PBNET
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course introduces students to the .NET features of PowerBuilder implemented since PowerBuilder 11, and explores PowerBuilder 12.5?s two development IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) - the Classic IDE and the new .NET IDE.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Overview of PowerBuilder and .NET

  • What is .NET?
  • Why NET?
  • Evolution of PowerBuilder and .NET
  • What is WPF?

Using .NET Assemblies in PowerBuilder

  • Importing .NET Classes
  • Conditional Compilation
  • Writing Scripts That Reference .NET Classes and Methods

Creating .NET WinForm Applications

  • Creating .NET WinForm Applications
  • Deploying .NET WinForm Applications
  • Modified and Supported Features in .NET WinForm Applications .NET WebForm Applications
  • Creating .NET WebForm Applications
  • Deploying .NET WebForm Applications
  • Running WebForm Applications
  • DataWindow Differences
  • Client-Side Events and Event Handling
  • Sharing Data Across Sessions
  • Using the WebForm File Manager
  • Using the WebForm Print Manager
  • Modified and Unsupported Features in .NET WebForm Applications

Creating Smart Client Applications

  • What are Smart Client Applications?
  • Publishing the Application
  • Installing the Application on a User Machine
  • Updating the Application
  • Rolling Back an Application
  • Adding Installation Prerequisites

Creating .NET Assemblies in PowerBuilder

  • The .NET Assembly Target
  • Deploying a PowerBuilder .NET Assembly
  • Distributing a PowerBuilder .NET Assembly
  • Using a PowerBuilder .NET Assembly

Using Web Services

  • What are Web Services?
  • Calling Web Services in Scripts
  • Web Service DataWindows

Creating PowerBuilder .NET Web Services

  • The .NET Web Service Target
  • Configuring ASP.NET for a .NET Web Service
  • Deploying a .NET Web Service

Using the PowerBuilder .NET IDE11

Creating WPF Targets and Applications

  • Creating a New Target
  • Converting PB Classic Targets to PB .NET

Creating WPF Windows

  • Panel Types
  • Creating New Windows
  • Window Painter Navigation
  • Modifying Properties
  • Inheriting Windows

Creating WPF DataWindows

  • Creating New DataWindows
  • DataWindow Painter Navigation

Writing Scripts in WPF Applications

  • PowerScript Differences in PB.NET
  • PB .NET Script View
  • Editing Scripts
  • Outlining
  • IntelliSense
  • Code Snippets
  • Using Toolbox Items
  • Compiling Scripts

Using Other PB .NET Painters

  • Menu Painter
  • Function Painter
  • User Object Painter
  • Database Painter

The PowerBuilder .NET Debugger

Deploying WPF Applications

  • Using the Project Painter
  • Distribution Requirements
  • Deploying SmartClient Applications

New .NET Language Features

Exploiting WPF in PB .NET Applications

  • XAML
  • WPF Controls in PB .NET
  • XAML Styles
  • Triggers
  • Control Templates
  • Skins
What You Can Expect

Students will learn to:

  • Deploy PowerBuilder applications as .NET WinForm applications.
  • Deploy PowerBuilder applications as ASP.NET WebForm applications.
  • Deploy PowerBuilder applications as Smart Client applications.
  • Use non-PowerBuilder .NET assemblies in PowerBuilder applications.
  • Deploy PowerBuilder NVOs as .NET assemblies for use with other .NET languages.
  • Deploy PowerBuilder NVOs as Web Services.

And to leverage the .NET IDE, students will learn to:

  • Explain new terminology related to .NET.
  • Navigate within the .NET IDE.
  • Create WPF applications.
  • Migrate an existing PowerBuilder Classic application to a WPF application.
  • Describe and use XAML.
  • Explore and use the new features of the WPF DataWindow, including the use of Custom Controls the many new graph types.
  • Explore and use other new features such as Interfaces, Enumerations, Properties, Indexers Namespaces, and Overloaded Constructors.
  • Use .NET classes and their methods inside of the PowerBuilder IDE.
  • Inherit from .NET classes while in PowerBuilder, providing the ability to override methods of .NET classes.
Who Should Take This Course

This hands-on course is designed for application programmers that will build .NET applications using PowerBuilder 12.5.

Recommended Prerequisites

Previous experience in developing PowerBuilder applications.

Training Style

A series of lab exercises is used to reinforce the classroom education.

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