GO - Web & backend 101

Course:  GOWB
Duration:  1 Day
Level:  I
Course Summary

Getting ready for web development in Go

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Topics Covered In This Course

Loading/converting to JSON

  • The encoding/json package
  • Rules for un/marshalling JSON
  • Loading a JSON configuration file
  • Serving web pages with Go
    • The http package
    • The http.Handler interface
    • Setting up a request multiplexer

Generating dynamic pages

  • The Go web template engine
  • Review of builtin functions
  • How to inject data in pages
  • Setting up a REST API (with Gorilla or gin-gonic library)
    • Overview of the setup
    • URL matching & handlers
    • Labwork with frontend test code

Setting up a JSON-RPC API

  • Overview of the setup
  • Working with RPC librairies
  • Exercise with frontend test code

Using gRPC

  • Introduction to the protobuf DSL
  • Codegen with the protoc compiler
  • Using a gRPC API

Working with SQL databases

  • Using a mysql or postgres driver
  • SQL queries with standard lib
  • SQL queries with the sqlx util lib
  • Example with an application

Working with NoSQL databases

  • Overview of the NoSQL DBs
  • Working with JSON
  • Exercises with BoltDB
Recommended Prerequisites

First experience in Go or completion of Go fundamentals

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