GO - Advanced level

Course:  GOA
Duration:  2 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

An intense 2 day Advanced Go programming class for GO Programming Software Engineers seeking to upgrade their programming skills to take advantage of Advanced GO Programming features. Sharpen your Go expertise.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Refresher on Go main tenets

  • Memory management
  • Interfaces
  • Channels & go routines
  • Latest updates

Concurrent programming

  • Types that are not thread safe
  • Control primitives of package sync
  • Multicore optimization case study
  • Patterns : fan-in, fan-out,
  • Workers & pipelines

Advanced testing

  • Testing strategies & techniques
  • Writing testable code
  • Mocking dependencies with interfaces

Analyzing programs

  • Running benchmarks
  • Profiling with pprof
  • Finer analysis with the go trace tool

Performance optimization

  • Go specific optimization tips
  • Refactoring code to run concurrently
  • Reducing blocking & GC induced latency
  • Using faster sync primitives

Defects analysis & fault detection

  • Frequent bugs in Go
  • Static code analysis
  • Detecting race conditions
  • Crash analysis

Dependencies management

  • Code organization guidelines
  • Working with modules
  • Overriding the module cache
  • Modules proxies

Best practices

  • Writing idiomatic code
  • Error types, wrapping & handling
  • Project organization

Other optional modules available on request

  • Passing information with context
  • Distributed tracing
  • Calling C with cgo
  • Multiplatform development
Who Should Take This Course

GO Programming Software Engineers seeking to upgrade their programming skills to take advantage of Advanced GO Programming features.

Recommended Prerequisites

First experience in Go or completion of Go fundamentals

Training Style

50% Lecture and 50% Labs

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