XML Fundamentals For OracleAS 10g

Course:  XMLORA
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

This 3-day course provides delegates with an introduction to Extensible Markup Language (XML) beginning with XML concepts and its use. The syntax and structure of XML are described. Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and the use of XML schema are also explained.

Extensible Style Sheet (XSL) and transformations (XSLT) are included together with XML Path Language (Xpath). The main constructs for processing XSLT are described along with the elements and functions that comprise XSLT.

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Topics Covered In This Course


    • History and development
    • Applications/uses
    • XML tools
    • Where to learn more - online references
    • Parts of an XML document
    • Software for authoring XML documents
    • Viewing XML documents
    • valid / well-formed structure
    • analysis of sample documents
    • XML Namespaces Rationale and Purpose
    • XML Namespaces syntax
    • Applying XML Namespaces
  • DTDS
    • DTD definition
    • elements
    • attributes
    • entities
    • conditional elements
    • Creating Schemas
    • Validating documents with Schemas
    • Schemas vs DTDs
    • Rationale for XPath
    • XPath Expressions
    • XPath Functions
    • XSL Formatting Objects (XSL:FO) explained
    • CSS as a formatting Technology
    • Why not use CSS
  • XSLT
    • XSLT – Transforming XML
    • Common elements of XSLT
    • XSLT Templates
    • Recursion


  • XSQL Pages Publishing Framework
    • Oracle XSQL Pages Framework
    • Manipulate XSQL Pages
    • Use Cursors in XSQL Pages
    • Perform DML operations
    • Insert data from an XML document
  • XML DB
    • Principles and architecture of XML DB
    • SQLX
    • Using XMLType
    • Load data into XMLType
    • Retrieve data from XMLtype columns
    • Use XMLType methods
    • XMLType Views defined
    • Create XMLType Views from XMLType Tables
    • Perform DML on XMLType Views
What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the main features and characteristics of XML
  • Appreciate how XML can be used within and between organizations
  • Be aware of the role of XML in information exchange
  • Write effective XSL stylesheets and use XSLT processors
  • Store and Retrieve XML in an Oracle 10g Database
  • Generate XML using Oracle XSQL pages and Oracle SQL/XML functions
  • Create XML Views
Who Should Take This Course

Technical consultants, Oracle/Java EE developers, and support personnel needing to work with XML and Oracle 10G.

Recommended Prerequisites

Delegates should be familiar with tag-based languages such as HTML, and understand the Oracle 10G development environment.

Training Style

This course uses presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises to introduce the key topics. Code walkthroughs are also provided.

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