WebSphere Message Broker: Application Development

Course:  WSMBD
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This 5-day course teaches how to develop messaging application using IBM's WebSphere Message Broker up to Version 8. This course covers various aspects of messaging applications, including how to use databases and maps, as well as how to most effectively define message flows. This course makes extensive use of hands-on exercises to reinforce key material and provide attendees with the opportunity to learn how to effectively develop applications for WebSphere Message Broker.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Overview of Service-Oriented Architecture

Overview of the WebSphere Product Family

Overview of WebSphere Message Broker

Designing Message-Based Applications

Understanding Protocols

Developing Message-Based Applications

Planning Secure WebSphere Message Broker Applications

Planning Auditable WebSphere Message Broker Applications

Introduction to the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit

Common Toolkit Applications

Message Transformation



Using Message Models

The Available Parsers

The MRM Parser

Message Definitions

Using Databases in Message-Based Applications

Using Mappings in Message-Based Applications

Understanding the Publish/Subscribe Pattern

Message Flow


Error Handling in WebSphere Message Broker

Debugging Message Flows

Web Services and WebSphere Message Broker

MQ and WebSphere Message Broker

Extending WebSphere Message Broker

Message Broker Explorer

User-Defined Extensions

What You Can Expect

After completing this course, the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the WebSphere product family
  • Understand how WebSphere Message Broker related to service-oriented
  • architecture
  • Use the Message Broker Toolkit
  • Learn to manipulate messages
  • Learn to transform messages
  • Debug messaging application errors
  • Understand the various transport protocols and how they are used in
  • message flows
  • Use WebSphere adapters to extend message broker functionality
Who Should Take This Course

This course is intended for organizations using IBM WebSphere Message Broker as well as individuals who will develop applications making use of WebSphere Message Broker.

Recommended Prerequisites


Training Style

Instructor-led participative lecture, with emphasis on hands-on labs utilizing IBM's WebSphere Message Broker.

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