Building Web Services Using Visual C#

Course:  WSCS
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

In this course, you will build a solid foundation for the development of Web Services using Visual C# 2005 and gain an understanding of how commonly used protocols can impact your development effort. You will learn how to create and consume ASP.NET Web Services, work with XML serialization, and understand discovery and UDDI. You will also learn how current and evolving standards, such as Web Service Enhancements (WSE) 3.0 and Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM), can be integrated in Web Service development. Discover how to secure your Web Services using different technologies like X.509 certificates and Kerberos. Learn how to increase reliability of your XML messages by locating bottlenecks and invoking delivery verification.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Building and Consuming Simple Web Services

  • The Need for Web Services
  • Web Service Design
  • Using Visual Studio to Create a Web Service
  • Web Service Clients
  • Discovery of Web Services with UDDI

Configuring and Customizing a Web Service

  • Working with Complex Data
  • Working with XML Serialization
  • SOAP Formatting
  • Namespaces and Binding
  • Using Attributes for Custom Serialization
  • Configuration Files

Calling Web Methods Asynchronously

  • The Need for Asynchronous Web Services
  • One-Way Methods
  • Asynchronous Web Methods
  • Asynchronously Calling Web Methods
  • Client Classes for Asynchronous Calls

Implementing WSE 3.0 Security and Policy

  • Web Service Enhancements (WSE) 3.0
  • WSE3.0 Security
  • WSE3.0 Tool
  • X.509 Certificates
  • Kerberos
  • UserName Tokens

Implementing WSE 3.0 Custom Policy Assertions

  • Coding an Assertion
  • Securing SOAP Messages
  • Using a WSE 3.0 Custom Policy

Large Data Transfers Using WSE 3.0

  • Exploring MTOM
  • MTOM and WSE3.0
  • Implementing Large Data Transfers by Using WSE 3.0

Implementing WSE 3.0 SOAP Messaging

  • TCP and Web Services
  • SoapClient and SoapService
  • SoapSender and SoapReceiver

Implementing SOAP Headers and Extensions

  • SOAP Headers
  • SOAP Extensions
  • Implementing Extensions

Optimizing and Protecting Message Queuing

  • Reliable Messaging
  • Message Queue Bottlenecks
  • Message Delivery Verification
  • Message Queue Encryption
  • Message Queue Authentication
  • Correlating Message Replies
  • Message Validation
What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Build and consume ASP.NET Web Services
  • Call Web methods asynchronously
  • Learn about WSE 3.0 Security and Policy
  • Perform large XML data transfers with MTOM
  • Implement SOAP headers and extension
  • Learn how to optimize and protect message queuing
Who Should Take This Course

Developers that need to build distributed enterprise applications.

Recommended Prerequisites

This course assumes that students have some programming background using Visual C# 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of Web development and ASP.NET 2.0.

Training Style

Instructor led with hands on labs.

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