Workload Manager

Course:  WLM
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

This course is designed for IT professionals needing an insight into Performance and Monitoring under z/OS.

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Topics Covered In This Course


  • What is the Workload Manager?
  • Goal mode and compatibility mode of the Workload Manager.
  • How the Workload Manager operates in a single system.
  • How the Workload Manager operates in a parallel sysplex.
  • Transaction routing; what it is and how it helps.
  • An introduction to the Workload Manager controls.

The Workload Manager Macros

  • Why are macro services required?
  • What macro services are available?
  • How the different macro services are used
  • An overview of the major WLM macros

Coding the Service Definitions

  • Structure of the service definitions
  • Creating and modifying the definitions
  • A detailed examination of each definition covering all the parameters and their use
  • A paper based coding exercise
  • The WLM Dialogues
  • The flow and structure of the dialogues
  • Samples of major dialogue screens

The Workload Manager RMF Reports

  • Introduction to the Workload Manager RMF reports
  • The new Monitor III reports - how to read and use them
  • The new Monitor I reports - how to read and use them
  • How to use SMF Type 99 records

Exploitation of the Workload Manager

  • How to set up z/OS to be able to use the Workload Manager
  • How to establish realistic goal values
  • The Workload Manager console commands
  • How to switch between compatibility mode and goal mode
  • Migrating a parallel sysplex to use the Workload Manager
  • Making the best use of the Workload Manager
What You Can Expect

This course is designed to give the delegates a detailed overview of z/OS Workload Manager. After taking this course the student will be able to:

  • State how WLM differs from SRM.
  • Describe how WLM differs from SRM.
  • Describe how WLM can simplify performance.
  • Use the WLM ISPF dialogues.
  • Understand and use the RMF reports associated with WLM.
  • Demonstrate how subsystems interact with WLM.
  • Understand the WLM macros.
Who Should Take This Course

Systems programmers, technical support staff, performance specialists, and capacity planning analysts who are responsible for z/OS performance. Systems programmers responsible for a major subsystem will also benefit as will technical managers.

Recommended Prerequisites

The course assumes a knowledge or experience of z/OS, including an appreciation of system performance. Whilst attending our z/ OS for Beginners course is not essential, it will give the desired level of knowledge.

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