z/VSE – Fast Track for Technical Support Staff

Course:  VSEFT
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

Focus on building the skills you need to manage your z/Virtual Storage Extended (z/VSE) environment. Gain the detailed technical understanding and experience critical to maintaining, supporting, and tuning your z/VSE system. The workshop features hands-on lab exercises that reinforce the information presented in the lectures.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Review of the z Architecture

VSE Operating Environments

Basic mode, LPAR mode, VM Guest

VSE Supervisor and Turbo-Dispatcher

Hardware support

Storage Organization

Real and virtual storage

Address spaces and partitions

Shared areas

Data spaces and virtual disks

Libraries and files

System and user libraries

System and user datasets

DASD organization

Data Spaces and Virtual Disks





Interactive User Interface

ICCF and editors

IPL and JCL procedures

Types of consoles

Master, CICS, hardware

Operating the console

Entering commands



Explain support (Help)

Managing the Hardcopy file

IPL process

z/VSE Supervisor and Internals

64 and 31 bit Programming

z/VSE Installation and Tailoring

z/VSE Debugging Tools

z/VSE Performance and Tuning

VSE/POWER Structure and Functions

VSE/VTAM and CICS/VSE Problem Determination

z/VSE Enhancements

z/VSE Control Block Flow

z/VSE I/O Handling

z/VSE Error Recovery

z/VSE Storage Management

z/VSE Dispatcher/Task selection

CICS/ICCF Restructuring

What You Can Expect
  • Identify the architecture of key VSE components
  • Diagnose and resolve VSE system and subsystem problems
  • Use VSE debugging facilities
  • Improve the overall performance of VSE systems
  • Program 31-bit applications
  • Implement data spaces and virtual disks
Who Should Take This Course

This specially tailored class is intended for experienced z/OS Technical Support staff requiring a more in-depth understanding of VSE and its subsystems, so that they can effectively support the z/VSE platform.

Recommended Prerequisites

Some experience installing, tailoring, and maintaining operating systems such as z/OS.

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