UNIX Security

Course:  USEC
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

Critical Success Factor:

To satisfactorily cope with the day to day security administration of a multi-user UNIX site, understand security issues and be able to define security policies in an enterprise level multi-server environment.

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Topics Covered In This Course


  • Why do Users Choose UNIX?
  • An Operating System
  • The UNIX Operating System
  • Components of the UNIX Operating System
  • Organization of a UNIX System
  • The Kernel
  • The Filesystem
  • The Shell
  • User Interfaces
  • Terminal based interface
  • The Command Processor
  • Utilities
  • Windows based Interfaces
  • Using a Graphical Interface
  • Distributed Environments and Client/Server
  • Networking

Unix Basics and Getting Help

  • Logging On
  • Accessing the UNIX Command Line
  • Format of UNIX Commands
  • Getting Help
  • Internet Based Help
  • Setting and Changing the Password

Understanding the UNIX Filesystem

  • Structure of a UNIX Filesystem
  • Identifying Files and Directories
  • The Home Directory
  • Moving Around the Filesyste
  • Listing Directory Contents
  • Creating Directories
  • Removing Directories
  • Displaying Files
  • Copying Files and Directories
  • Moving / Renaming Files & Directories
  • Removing Files

Useful Commands for Security Administrators

  • Grep
  • Regular Expressions
  • Who is on the System
  • Find & Locate Files by Type
  • Sort or merge Files
  • sed (Stream Editor)
  • Process, What is a?
  • Process, Report Status
  • Process, kill a

Controlling Access to the System

(Users and account management, types of access)

  • Logon Accounts
  • Client/Server Users
  • Files used to control user access

Controlling Access to Files and the Filesystem

  • File System Permissions
  • Change mode
  • Symbolic Notation
  • Octal Notation
  • Change owner
  • Change group
  • Default Creation Mode (umask)
  • Access Control Lists

Security and the different 'flavors' of UNIX

  • Principal Differences for the Main Vendor versions of UNIX:
    • AIX (IBM)
    • Solaris (Sun Microsystems)
    • HP/UX (Hewlett Packard)
    • LINUX (Available in Various Distributions inc. Red Hat, SuSe etc)

Controlling Access to the root account and other privileged services

  • The su command
  • Use of Roles
  • Privileged Commands Available Only via Group Membership

Dangerous Commands (and why they are sometimes needed)

  • Bulk removal of Files
  • Change Owner
  • Change Group
  • SUID and SGID bits

Backing Up and Securing the System

  • Common Utilities Available on All Systems:
    • tar
    • cpio
    • pax

System Specific Utilities:

  • AIX
  • Solaris
  • HP/UX

Monitoring Security Issues on the System

  • Root Access
  • User Access
  • Network Access
  • Removal of Unnecessary Processes
  • Monitoring for Unusual or Unauthorised Usage
  • Monitoring for Attempted Introduction of Trojan Horses, etc
  • Monitoring for Unexpected File Permission Changes

Best Practice Procedures

  • Things to Avoid
  • Physical Security
  • Password Control

Additional Topics:

  • The Standard UNIX Editor (vi)
  • Printing
What You Can Expect

To provide staff new to UNIX with an extensive insight into all issues connected with security in a UNIX environment. Whilst this course covers many aspects of the UNIX

operating environment itself, network security is considered to be a separate issue.

Who Should Take This Course

Security administrators, auditors and others who need to understand all aspects of security in a UNIX environment. This course assumes no prior knowledge of UNIX.

Recommended Prerequisites

Attendees should be IT literate with a good understanding of similar topics in another operating environment.

Training Style

The course is highly interactive and consists of theory with plenty of hands on practical content. A dedicated server will be used so that the more complex commands and security administration utilities can be practised in the security of a classroom environment.

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