UNIX System Services for z/OS

Course:  UNZOS
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

Suitable for IT Professionals requiring an understanding of the relationships and interactions between Unix System Services and the z/OS operating system.

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Topics Covered In This Course

UNIX Introduction

  • Historic Roots of UNIX,
  • The UNIX Environment.

What to do with UNIX on z/OS

  • Open systems application development,
  • Integration of UNIX applications with legacy data,
  • Lotus Domino,
  • WebSphere.

The UNIX Environment in z/OS

  • The Kernel Address Space
  • Accessing Data through HFS and zFS file systems
  • Other file systems (TFS, NFS and DFS)
  • Accessing the UNIX Environment
  • An Introduction to the z/OS Shell and shell commands

Using UNIX on z/OS

  • Using the ISHELL Command Interface
  • Creating and Manipulating HFS Files
  • Transferring data between HFS and z/OS data sets
  • The OMVS Command Interface
  • Telnet Access
  • Using JCL to run UNIX batch jobs, with BPXBATCH and BPXBATSL
  • Using TSO/UNIX Commands

UNIX Monitor and Control.

  • Displaying and changing OMVS setup,
  • Displaying and terminating OMVS work/users etc.,
  • Closing down UNIX services.

Implementation Overview.

  • General planning issues,
  • The BPXPRMxx parmlib member,
  • Reviewing other parmlib specifications for UNIX Services,
  • RACF setup for the UNIX environment,
  • Setting up the /etc directory,
  • Basic Setup of TCP/IP.

HFS and zFS Maintenance.

  • Creating, mounting etc. HFS and zFS File Systems,
  • Using the zfsadm utility,
  • Defining file systems in BPXPRMxx,
  • Setup philosophy for HFS
    • within a single system setup, and
    • within a SYSPLEX using shared HFS

Setting up AUTOMOUNT, and TFS.

Backup Options for UNIX

Setting up UNIX Users.

  • The OMVS segment,
  • AutoGID and AutoUID,
  • Devolved superuser authority,
  • Setting up the home directory,
  • User shell customisation.

UNIX Maintenance under z/OS.

  • UNIX within the overall maintenance strategy
  • SMP/E and UNIX,
  • Applying service to UNIX,
  • Dynamically changing the UNIX code for testing.

UNIX and Performance.

  • General performance issues,
  • UNIX and the workload manager,
  • Shared address spaces,
  • File system performance,
  • Putting UNIX programs in the LPA.
What You Can Expect

This course provides the participant with an overview of UNIX Services in a z/OS system. It concentrates on the non-UNIX facilities available in z/OS to perform UNIX type work. At the end of the course the delegate will be able to perform the following activities:

  • Use TSO ISHELL to create and view UNIX files and directories, perform data transfer between z/OS data sets and UNIX files.
  • Use TSO commands to create and view UNIX files and directories, perform data transfer between z/OS data sets and UNIX files.
  • Use UNIX commands to create and view UNIX files and directories, perform data transfer between z/OS data sets and UNIX files.
  • Use JCL to perform batch functions running UNIX shell scripts. Set up UNIX Services on z/OS.
  • Monitor and control UNIX on z/OS.
  • Set up and maintain HFS and zFS file systems in both a single system and in a shared HFS within a SYSPLEX.
  • Set up and administer UNIX users.
Who Should Take This Course

This course is for anyone within an existing z/OS installation who requires an appreciation of UNIX and how it fits into an existing z/OS operating system. z/OS system programmers and system administration staff who are responsible for implementing and/ or maintaining UNIX on a z/OS system, should also attend this course. It is also for UNIX professionals who are implementing UNIX and UNIX applications on a z/OS system and need to understand the environment.

Recommended Prerequisites

Delegates should be familiar with z/OS, TSO and JCL. This knowledge can be obtained from our z/OS for Beginners, TSO/ISPF Workshop and z/OS JCL courses.

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