Advanced TSO/ISPF Workshop

Course:  TSO2
Duration:  2 Days [note]
Level:  II
Course Summary

This workshop-oriented course is for those with a basic knowledge of ISPF who need to know more about TSO and its features.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Upon successful completion, the students should be able to:

  • Cite all reference materials on the subject.
  • Use native TSO commands to:
    • Allocate datasets with various attributes
    • Manipulate datasets using COPY, RENAME, and DELETE
    • Execute programs in the foreground using CALL
    • Submit jobs for background processing and interrogate their status
    • Obtain information about datasets using LISTC, LISTA and LISTDS
    • Improve personal productivity using PROFILE and HELP.
  • Use advanced ISPF features to:
    • Explain the concepts of the ISPF Edit Profile
    • Improve coding speed using TABS and MASK
    • Improve maintenance speed using BOUNDS, OVERLAY, EXCLUDE and the enhanced CHANGE options.
    • Prevent system mishaps form impacting progress using RECOVERY
    • Save on DASD space by using PACK
    • Improve coding efficiency using CUT, PASTE and UNDO options in the latest release of ISPF
    • Improve the structure and readibility of code using Column and Data Shifting commands.
    • Improve typing speed and versatility using TEXT commands
    • Reduce keystrokes using PFSHOW, KEYS and suggested PFKey settings
    • Add a "third ISPF Screen" using ISPEXEC command
  • Improve personal productivity by using TSO CLISTs or REXX, specifically:
    • Create CLIST/REXX libraries and use methods of CLIST/REXX execution
    • Write a CLIST/REXX containing TSO commands and subcommands
    • Create a CLIST/REXX program which contains a symbolic variable and conditioning processing
    • Explain the use of CLIST/REXX built-in functions, processing control and I/O methods
What You Can Expect

The student will learn the advanced productivity tools to improve the system development cycle.

Who Should Take This Course

Programmers with some experience in ISPF Computer Operations personnel who use ISPF heavily, Non-programmers who use ISPF heavily and need to learn its productivity tools.

Recommended Prerequisites

Knowledge of computer concepts and disk storage.

Training Style

This class is taught by lecture and hands-on workshops.

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