SQL Server Reporting Services 2014/2012 - Extensions and Programming

Course:  SSRSXP
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

During this course, you?ll learn how to extend the functionality of Reporting Services (SSRS). In the first part of the course with the help of creating custom .NET code, then with the help of creating custom reporting components. Next, you?ll get to know how to create, extend and combine new and existing rendering extensions.

The course will also make you familiar with other options for SSRS authentication, other methods for automatic delivery of reports from subscriptions, and how to hack some functionality of SSRS. The course covers various practical problems occurring by deploying such solutions, as well as automation of SSRS functionality through its APIs.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Programming in Reports

  • Programming custom functions
  • Reusing code from custom DLL files
  • Custom reporting components
  • Extending and adding functionality into existing components
  • Custom properties for reporting components
  • Adding JavaScript to reports

Extending Reporting Services

  • Custom rendering extensions
  • Extending the existing rendering extensions
  • Subrenderers ? e.g. adding watermark to PDF renderer, adding missing features into Word renderer, automatic zipping of rendered reports and returning a ZIP file, returning single report rendered in multiple formats within a single ZIP file, ...
  • Custom delivery providers (FTP, SSH, ...)
  • Custom authentication providers ? e.g. logon using own usernames / passwords from an external database, logon using Facebook or Windows Live, two-factor authentication via SMS, ...
  • Custom in-process transformation of RDL template before rendering it using RDCE
  • Custom data processing extension - a custom driver for accessing exotic data sources, e.g. FoxPro
  • Restrictions for individual types of extensions
  • Deployment and configuration of the extensions on the SSRS server
  • Security of extensions
  • Debugging and troubleshooting extensions

Automation of Reporting Services

  • Rendering reports via API
  • Generating reports via API
  • Managing reports via API
  • Adding custom buttons to the Report Viewer
  • Localization of Report Viewer interface to another languages
What You Can Expect

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Extend reports by their own .NET code
  • Create custom reporting components, renderers, data sources, authentication and delivery providers
  • Correctly deploy, debug and troubleshoot all their extensions
  • Translate RDLs automatically using RDCE
  • Use SSRS server APIs
Who Should Take This Course

BI developers who need to extend all parts of Reporting Services with their own features, or who just need to customize some of its parts.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of reporting, with experience using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Training Style

Instructor led, including hands-on workshops.

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