Salesforce: Enhancing Apps with Apex and Visualforce

Course:  SFAPEX
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

This comprehensive hands-on course teaches students how to programmatically customize applications. Students will learn the Apex programming language, SOQL, SOSL, and Visualforce, and how they are used to customize applications.

For the lab exercises, students will register for a free developer account with

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Topics Covered In This Course

Introducing the Platform

  • Cloud computing and PaaS
  • as a platform

Database Essentials

  • Features of the database
  • Creating custom objects and custom fields
  • Enhancing standard objects with custom fields
  • Validation rules
  • Implementing lookup fields
  • Implementing master-detail relationships
  • Using junction objects to implement many-to-many relationships
  • Importing data via the Data Import Wizard

Apex Language Basics

  • Basic Apex syntax
  • Arithmetic and string calculations
  • Logic and control structures
  • Using system and user-defined methods
  • Writing and executing ad-hoc Apex code via the Developer Console
  • Creating and executing Apex classes via the Developer Console and the Salesforce Developer interface

Advanced Apex Facilities

  • Inheritance
  • Abstract classes
  • Interfaces
  • Exception handling
  • Using the Developer Console to debug Apex code
  • Writing and executing test units to test Apex code

Basic Database Processing

  • SOQL syntax
  • Using the Developer Console to issue SOQL to query the database
  • Using Apex statements to issue SOQL statements and process the results
  • Performing multiple-object retrievals with SOQL

Advanced Database Processing

  • Using SOSL to perform unstructured the text queries of database objects and fields
  • Using DML statements to modify data in the database
  • Using DML database methods to modify data in the database while enabling the partial success of transactions
  • Using DML database methods to create and use savepoints
  • Using SOQL to lock records returned from a query

Database Triggers

  • Overview
  • Save Order of Execution
  • Trigger Syntax
  • Writing Triggers
  • Testing Triggers

Using Visualforce

  • Concept of Visualforce
  • Visualforce syntax
  • Visualforce components
  • Using Development Mode and the Developers Console to create Visualforce pages
  • Testing Visualforce pages
  • Implementing Visualforce pages in applications

Custom Controllers and Extensions

  • Creating and using custom controllers
  • Explain the difference between custom controllers and controller extensions
  • Creating and using controller extensions

Asynchronous Apex Processing

  • Future methods
  • Scheduled Apex processing
  • Batch Apex processing
What You Can Expect

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create and modify objects using the declarative interface.
  • Write Apex classes and methods via the Developer Console and the Salesforce Developer Interface.
  • Use SOQL and SOSL to query the database.
  • Implement business logic via Apex triggers and classes that issue SOQL and DML statements.
  • Write Visualforce components to customize the user interface.
  • Write custom controllers and controller extensions to modify the controller behavior behind the Visualforce interface.
  • Use the built-in testing framework to test Apex and Visualforce.
  • Write Apex classes to implement asynchronous and batch processing.
Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for developers who need to be able to write programmatic customizations to both the business logic and user interface layers using Apex and Visualforce.

Recommended Prerequisites

Completion of Salesforce: Building Apps with, an equivalent class, or previous practical experience.

Although not required, previous experience in the following topics will enhance the results of this course:

  • Java programming (or another object-oriented programming language)
  • Basic data modeling for relational databases
  • Basic SQL
  • Basic HTML
Training Style

Instructor-led with hands-on workshops.

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