Professional Scrum Master

Course:  SCRUM1
Duration:  2 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course covers Scrum basics, including the framework, mechanics, and roles of Scrum. It will also teach students how to use Scrum to optimize value, productivity, and the total cost of ownership of software products.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Scrum Basics.

  • What is Scrum
  • How has Scrum Evolved

Scrum Theory

  • Why does Scrum work
  • What are Scrum?s core principles
  • How Scrum principles are different from those of more traditional software development approaches
  • What is Scrum?s Impact

Scrum Framework and Meetings

  • How Scrum theory is implemented using time-boxes, roles, rules, and artifacts
  • How can these be used most effectively
  • How can they fall apart

Scrum and Change

  • Scrum is different: what does this mean to a project and organization?
  • How is the best way to adopt Scrum given the change that is expected?

Scrum and Total Cost of Ownership

  • How is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of systems or products measured and optimized?

Scrum Teams

  • Self-organizing and cross-functional
  • How to start with Scrum teams and ensure their success

Scrum Planning

  • Plan a project and estimate its cost and completion date.
  • Predictability, Risk Management, and Reporting.
  • Scrum is empirical.
  • How can predictions be made, risk be controlled, and progress be tracked using Scrum.

Scaling Scrum

  • How is scaling best accomplished using Scrum?
What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Help facilitate complex projects
  • Know how to manage changing requirements.
  • Simplify projects with self-managing teams.
  • Work with customers to get clearer specifications.
  • Reduce project planning time.
  • Build and release products in 30 day cycles.
  • Inspect and fine tune projects.
  • Support multiple teams working on large projects from multiple locations.
  • Provide Scrum Master Support for Scrum projects.
Who Should Take This Course

This course is primarily for those responsible for the successful use and/or rollout of Scrum in a project or enterprise.

Recommended Prerequisites

An understanding of the basics of project management, requirements and requirements decomposition is required.

Previously involved with a project that builds or enhances a product would be beneficial.

Training Style

Instructor led with 50% lecture and 50% lab.

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