Introduction to SAS on the Mainframe

Course:  SASMF
Duration:  4 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course enables the participant to write programs using the SAS language. The participant learns how to read data into SAS from external files or databases; select, analyze, summarized and manipulate data; produce reports, charts and graphs.

This course is geared toward those who run SAS on a mainframe (z/OS). Lab exercises are done using TSO/ISPF and programs are run in batch. Many examples come from z/OS operations and technical support, and data types unique to the mainframe (e.g. packed decimal, binary, date/time stamps) are covered and compared to their equivalent COBOL types.

Labs must be done on a z/OS platform that has Base SAS software installed.

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Topics Covered In This Course


  • What is SAS
  • SAS vs. other tools
  • SAS on the mainframe vs. other environments
  • SAS programs
  • SAS datasets
  • Types of data in SAS
  • SAS variables and names
  • SAS data libraries
  • The SAS log

Getting your data into SAS

  • Reading data from flat files
  • INFILE and INPUT statements
  • List, column and formatted input
  • Input formats (INFORMATS)
  • Multiple observations per record (OUTPUT statement)
  • Holding the current input record (the trailing @)
  • Browsing SAS datasets in TSO
  • Backing up SAS datasets
  • Debugging a SAS program

Working with your data

  • Assignment statements
  • Functions
  • Character handling
  • Arithmetic
  • Date / time
  • IF statements
  • Looping: DO and END statements
  • Working with date and time values
  • RETAIN and SUM statements
  • Arrays

Sorting, printing and summarizing your data

  • Using SAS Procedures
  • Output formats
  • Creating your own formats: PROC FORMAT
  • PUT and INPUT functions (table lookup)
  • Summarizing your data: PROC MEANS and PROC FREQ

Modifying and combining SAS datasets

  • SET statement
  • MERGE statement
  • OUTPUT statement
  • Using "IN=" and other SAS dataset options
  • Automatic variables

Common SAS applications

  • Collapsing data
  • "top ten" report
  • Producing a report from multiple data sources
  • Maintaining historical data
  • Using a flat file with multiple record types

Charts and graphs


Using SAS to access DB2 tables

What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • List advantages and disadvantages of running SAS on a mainframe
  • Describe the relationship between SAS datasets, SAS libraries and z/OS datasets.
  • List advantages and disadvantages of using SAS vs. COBOL for mainframe batch applications
  • Code moderately complex SAS programs using Base SAS software, and get them to run correctly in z/OS batch
  • Describe how he/she will be able to use SAS to improve productivity and effectiveness in his/her job
Who Should Take This Course

This course should be taken by mainframe technical support, operations or applications development personnel who have little or no previous knowledge in SAS.

Recommended Prerequisites

The student should be able to use TSO/ISPF to edit datasets and submit jobs, and should have a basic understanding of JCL and z/OS datasets. Previous programming experience using another language is helpful but not required.

Training Style

Instructor led. Approximately 2/3 of the time spent in lecture and 1/3 doing labs.

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