Red Hat Linux Security

Course:  RHLSEC
Duration:  4 Days [note]
Level:  II
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Topics Covered In This Course

Achieving RHLinux Security

  • Risks
  • Detecting intrusions
  • Recovering from intrusions
  • Avoiding security loopholes
  • Discovering software vulnerabilities and configuration errors

Controlling secure account usage

  • The RHLinux login process
  • Enforcing password quality and account use policy
  • Controlling access with Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
  • Logging all account access and login failures
  • Tracking account usage
  • Protecting users and groups through ACLs and quotas

Limiting Superuser Privileges

  • Configuring secure terminals
  • Preventing insecure network access
  • Gaining root privileges with su
  • Using groups instead of root identity
  • Limiting access to privileged accounts
  • Detecting misuse and attacks with log files
  • Role-based access control with sudo
  • Safeguarding vital data by securing Local and Network File Systems
  • Files, directories, devices and links
  • Ownership and access permissions
  • Identifying and securing NFS vulnerabilities

Protecting data and systems with cryptography

  • Overview of cryptographic techniques
  • Management of SSL Certificates
  • Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
  • Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG)

RHLinux Service Security

  • SELinux
  • Host-based access control
  • Firewalls using NetFilter and ipTables
  • TCP wrappers
  • xinetd and service limits

TCP/IP and its security loopholes

  • Sniffing passwords with Ethereal and others
  • Testing network exposure with netstat and others

Securing network services

  • Securing BIND, DNS, RPC, NIS
  • Securing ftp
  • Network authentication with kerberos
  • Tunnelling application protocols through SSH
  • Securing Sendmail and Postfix
  • Securing Apache
What You Can Expect

Participants will learn how to:

  • Secure Red Hat Linux systems from internal and external threats
  • Control authenticated access to local and remote resources
  • Reduce security risk by limiting superuser privileges
  • Configure tools and utilities to minimise exposure and detect intrusions
Who Should Take This Course

This intensive course provides four days of instruction and labs on host- and network-security for Red Hat Linux systems. This course will be of interest to Linux Administrators, Systems Engineers, and anyone who needs to understand in detail Red Hat Linux security.

Recommended Prerequisites

In order to succeed fully from this course, participants should have a good understanding of Linux System and Network Administration.

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