Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 - Linux Admin 1

Course:  RH18
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course helps administrators new Linux, and especially RHEL 8, quickly become skilled in the core tasks involved in managing Enterprise Linux solutions.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Connecting to the Command Line Shell:

  • Learn to connect to the Linux console and execute commands from the shell

Working with Linux Files:

  • Managing files at the command line is very critical to a Linux admin. Being able to copy, move and rename and delete files are fundamental to these skills along with learning to group files with wildcards.

Finding Help in Linux:

  • Practical exams emulate real life where you can research options and syntax to commands. In this module you learn to use simple help options, man pages and info pages.

Working with Linux Text Files:

  • To edit text files on the command line there are many editors that you can use. We look at the vim text editor and nano. You can also write and append to files using redirection and advanced tools like sed.

Manage Linux Identities:

  • The fundamental user and group management in Linux is via local account with shadow passwords. You will also learn how we can control privilege escalation with su and sudo.

File Permissions:

  • Learn about the file mode in Linux. This includes the file type and the basic file permissions that can control access to these resources. We also go beyond the basics and compare the use of +X and +x when assigning permissions symbolically.

Understanding Linux Processes:

  • Monitoring systems includes viewing running processes and send signals to them. You will also learn about background and foreground tasks allowing access to multiple commands from a single session.

Managing Linux Services:

  • Modern Linux systems use systemd and the systemctl command to manage services. In this module we will learn all about systemd and controlling services.

Working with the SSH Client:

  • In this module you will learn a little of the configuration of the OpenSSH service and, among other things, using key based authentication from the client to the server.

Working with Linux Log Files and Services:

  • Services log through the system journal before forwarding to the rsyslog service. You will learn to mage both the journal and rsyslog service and logs as well as configuring accurate system time.

Networking Enterprise Linux Systems:

  • Learn to configure the fundamental IPv4 settings in Linux using the nmcli command and how this interacts with the traditional IFCFG files.

Archiving files with Tar:

  • Learn to archive and compress file using GNU Tar and compression tools such as gzip.

Software Management:

  • Working with the rpm and dnf/yum command you will learn to install and remove software from the system and configure software repositories.

Mounting Linux File Systems;

  • In Linux we use mount points to access file systems. On this module you will learn to access and mount exiting Linux file systems from the command line.

Remote Management:

  • RHEL 7.5 saw the release of the Cockpit Web Interface that allows management of the system from a browser and this, of course, continues into RHEL 8. 
What You Can Expect

Linux is heavily relied upon in business, education and government. Due to its outstanding reliability, performance and low cost, Linux is being used extensively for file, database and web server applications. Of all the various Linux systems available, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become the corporate Linux standard.

This Red Hat 8 System Administration course is aimed at users and administrators who need to manage Enterprise Linux systems, not just Red Hat but also any of the rebuild projects like CentOS and Scientific Linux. The course will teach students basic Enterprise Linux administration techniques, including; command line access, process control and user and group management.

Recommended Prerequisites

No previous experience with a UNIX or Linux system is required, although delegates will benefit from attending our UNIX & Linux Essentials course.

Training Style

50% Lecture 50% Labs

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