PERL Part II - Beyond The Basics

Course:  PP2BTB
Duration:  4 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

PERL Part 2 – BEYOND THE BASICS builds on the techniques in Perl Part 1 – Basics, and covers some of the more advanced programming and data structuring techniques provided by Perl and suitable for high-level applications of all types.

Upon completion, delegates will be able to use advanced Perl features of references, modules, and object-oriented techniques.

This highly-practical course discusses further Perl programming in the Windows and Red Hat Linux environments, although the course is applicable to other platforms.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Basics Revisited

  • Data types and their manipulation
  • Control structures and subroutines
  • Text Manipulation
  • Input/Output techniques
  • Lab: Writing and testing basic Perl programs


  • Reference Concepts
  • Using References
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Reference types and ref() function
  • Reference constructs
  • Advanced data structure examples
  • Sorting an array of references
  • Lab: Writing efficient programs with references

Reference passing and prototypes

  • Subroutine pre-declaration
  • Anonymous subroutines
  • Call by Reference
  • Prototypes
  • Overloaded functions
  • Lab: Using anonymous subroutines

Useful Standard Library Modules

  • Module concepts
  • Standard library modules
  • Math modules
  • Time modules
  • File/Directory standard library modules
  • File::Basename, {File::copy}, {File::Find}, File::Path}
  • Lab: Writing Perl programs using standard library modules

Packages and Modules

  • Namespaces and packages
  • use and require
  • Module semantics
  • @INC array
  • lib module
  • File/directory standard library modules
  • BEGIN ... END blocks
  • Lab: Writing Packages and Modules in Perl

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Object-Oriented Background
  • Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Class methods and attributes
  • bless() function
  • Accessing object methods
  • The -> notation and variations
  • Perl-style inheritance, @ISA special array
  • Polymorphism
  • tie
  • Private data via closures
  • Lab: Developing object-oriented programs in Perl

Miscellaneous/advanced functions and keywords

  • Random numbers
  • eval
  • bit manipulation
  • pack() and unpack()
  • Advanced array functions
  • Other miscellaneous functions
  • Lab: Using miscellaneous functions and keywords

CGI Programming

  • Why Perl and CGI?
  • CGI Architecture
  • Writing a CGI Script
  • Redirecting Error Messages
  • Writing a Safe CGI Program
  • Redirecting to a different location
  • Debugging the raw HTTP Exchange
  • Managing Cookies
  • Creating Sticky Widgets
  • Lab: Developing a simple web site using Perl and CGI


  • mod_perl and Apache
  • Handlers
  • Authentication
  • Setting Cookies
  • Accessing cookie values
  • Interrogating Headers
  • Accessing Form Parameters
  • Reloading Uploaded Files
  • Lab: Use mod_perl to build faster web sites
What You Can Expect
  • Review the basic features of Perl.
  • Work with references to multidimensional arrays and hashes
  • Use advanced Perl features including anonymous subroutines and prototypes
  • Benefit from standard library modules including Math, Time, and
  • Structure Perl code with packages and modules.
  • Build robust systems using Object-oriented facilities.
  • Carry out advanced processing using eval, bit manipulation and others
  • Use Perl for CGI Programming
  • Use mod_perl to speed up web access
Who Should Take This Course

This course is valuable for programmers, technical managers, and system and network administrators familiar with basic Perl.

Recommended Prerequisites

Delegates should have solid familiarity with basic Perl, including scalar, list, and hash array literals and variables and common operations on them; control structures and related operators; file operations; and subroutines, including the use of my and local variables. This may be achieved by completing our Perl Part 1 – Basics course.

Training Style

An Instructor-Led, Workshop-based training class.

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