Duration:  3 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This workshop uses the 'HANDS ON' approach to teach the participants how to use SQL SERVER and it?s extensions coming from an ORACLE environment.

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Topics Covered In This Course

SQL SERVER overview 2) ORACLE Differences 3) Structured Query Language differences 4) Names 5) Data Types 6) SQL Tools 7) Basic SQL Differences 8) LIKE differences 9) ORDER BY 10) Select a number of rows 11) CASE Expressions 12) Single Value Functions Differences 13) Concatenation 14) Math Functions 15) Character Functions 16) Date and Time Functions 17) Data Conversion Functions 18) NULL Functions 19) Group Functions ORACLE vs SQL SERVER 20) GROUP BY 21) HAVING 22) ROLLUP 23) CUBE 24) Joins in SQL SERVER 25) Inner Join 26) Self Table Join 27) Outer Join 28) Subquery ? Simple and Correlated 29) Common Table Expression ? With 30) On the From ? Nested Table Expression 31) UNION ? INTERSECT - MINUS 32) OLAP Functions 33) Rank & DENSE_RANK Function 34) ROW_NUMBER Function 35) PARTITION_BY Expression 36) Aggregation Functions 37) Batches 38) Variables 39) Global Variables 40) PRINT 41) FORMATMESSAGE 42) SELECT 43) IF?ELSE Statement 44) CASE 45) BEGIN?END Statement 46) WHILE Statement 47) BREAK Statement 48) CONTINUE Statement 49) GOTO label Statement 50) RETURN Statement 51) Using a Cursor 52) Declare the Cursor 53) Open the Cursor 54) Fetch with the Cursor 55) Close the Cursor 56) Deallocate the Cursor 57) Stored Procedures 58) CREATE PROCEDURE 59) Stored Procedures Parameters 60) Creating a Stored Procedure 61) Execute a Procedure 62) DROP PROCEDURE 63) User Defined Functions 64) CREATE FUNCTION 65) FUNCTION Parameters 66) Creating a User Defined Function 67) Execute a Function 68) DROP FUNCTION 69) TRANSACTIONS 70) RAISEERROR 71) TRY?CATCH Construct

What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand ORACLE/SQL SERVER differences
  • Execute queries in SQL SERVER.
  • Use the extensions to SQL of SQL SERVER.
Who Should Take This Course
  • Application programmers.
  • Designers interested in gaining an understanding of SQL SERVER.
Recommended Prerequisites

Knowledge and experience in ORACLE SQL

Training Style

Knowledge and experience in ORACLE SQL

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