Oracle 12c Database Professional

Course:  OROCP01
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

Oracle 12c is the latest release of the acclaimed relational database product from the Oracle Corporation. As a "self-managing" database, many of the features in this product have been simplified or automated. This class utilises the graphical management tools introduced with Oracle 12c to familiarise delegates with advanced concepts of the Oracle 10g database. Topics covered include advanced database performance tuning, scheduling, automated storage management and using multilingual applications. The class has been newly updated for 2007.

The class consists of a mixture of lecture and hands on lab exercises (see Audience below).

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Topics Covered In This Course

Oracle 12c Architecture Review

  • Memory structures
  • Process and disk structures (data files, temp files, redo log files)
  • Instances and databases
  • Storage structures
  • Processing for queries, updates and transactions

Performance Tuning

  • Alert log and trace file information
  • Enterprise Manager alert management
  • Metric threshold tracking
  • Managing trace files

Resource Manager

  • Overview
  • Configuring Resource Manager
  • Groups and users
  • Resource plan management
  • Resource plan directives
  • Enabling and disabling resource plans


  • Setting language parameters for instances and sessions
  • Linguistic sorting
  • Internationalizing datetime information
  • Case and accent insensitive searches


  • Listener security
  • External procedures

Basic Recovery

  • Configuring Recovery Manager
  • Retention policies, channels, control file autobackups
  • Managing flash recovery area
  • Temporary tablespaces
  • Redo log members
  • Index tablespaces
  • Read-only tablespaces
  • Password files
  • Parameter files

Recovery Manager

  • Database archivelogging
  • Creating backup sets
  • Creating image copies
  • Block change tracking
  • Listing and reporting on backups and image copies
  • Parallelizing backups

Advanced Recovery

  • Incomplete recovery concepts
  • Incomplete recovery with SQL, RMAN, Enterprise Manager
  • New database incarnations
  • Recovering using control file autobackups
  • Recovery through resetlogs
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • Secure backup overview

Flashback Technology

  • Overview and configuration
  • Managing Flash Recovery Area (FRA)
  • Recycle bin
  • Change tracking file
  • Flashback log files
  • Monitoring flashback database
  • Recover dropped table
  • Recycle bin
  • Flashback versions
  • Flashback transactions
  • Enterprise Manager Recovery Wizard

Database Corruption

  • Block corruption
  • Detecting corrupted blocks
  • DBVERIFY utility
  • Checking blocks during use
  • Repairing corrupted blocks
  • Block media recovery

Oracle Scheduler

  • Overview
  • Creating jobs, programs and schedules
  • Submitting and monitoring scheduler tasks
  • Scheduler windows
  • Monitoring job executions and instances

Automated Database Management

  • Database advisors
  • SQL Tuning advisors
  • Shared memory management
  • Memory advisor
  • Automated PGA management
  • Automated undo retention tuning

Automated Storage Management

  • ASM overview
  • Setting up an ASM instance
  • Managing ASM disk space
  • Starting and stopping ASM instances
  • Migrating databases to ASM
  • VLDB (very large database) support
  • Using bigfiles
  • Temporary tablespace groups

Automated Performance Management

  • Performance principles
  • Wait conditions
  • Dictionary tuning views
  • Statistic collection mechanisms
  • Workload repository contents
  • Advisory framework
  • Using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
  • SQL execution plans

Storage Tuning

  • Redo logging
  • Archiving
  • Suspendable operations
  • Table/index management - segment shrink
  • Table/index size estimation
  • Online indexing operations
  • Optimum storage options for performance
  • Identifying and skipping unusable indexes

Database security

  • Virtual private database
  • Policy types
  • Implementing policy functions
  • Monitoring policies
  • Performance implications

Q&A: Where to now?

  • Suggested reading list
  • Further training
What You Can Expect

By completing this class, and with some further hands-on practice, delegates will be prepared to undertake the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional (OCP) Exam (code 1Z0-043). Please note that candidates who wish to obtain the OCP credential must attend one Oracle authorised instructor-led class or instructor-led online class. Further information can be obtained from the Oracle Education website. This Oracle policy may change in the future and you are advised to contact us for up-to-date information.

Who Should Take This Course

This class is intended for technical staff who need to configure and administer the advanced features of the Oracle 12c database.

For experienced DBA's cross training from other RDBMS products or earlier versions of Oracle, this class can be run in a accelerated three day format. Please contact us to discuss your requirements if this is of interest to you.

Recommended Prerequisites

A basic understanding of the Oracle 12c database and a familiarity with the use of graphical user interfaces for either Windows or Linux operating systems is required.

Attendance on our Oracle 12c Associate class (or the equivalent experience or training) is strongly recommended.

Each delegate will require exclusive use of a suitably equipped PC, with Oracle 12c Release 2 Enterprise Edition for Windows or Linux already installed. Please consult the Oracle TechNet website to review the Installation Notes Hardware Requirements for Windows or Linux - free registration is required to view this website. If you require installation assistance for your classroom, this can be arranged - please contact us for advice and assistance if required.

Training Style

The class consists of a mixture of lecture and hands on lab exercises. The accelerated format is delivered in a lecture and demonstration style only, with no hands-on work by participants.

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