Oracle Database 11g: Parallel Execution Fundamentals

Course:  ORAPX11
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

This course will provide the Oracle DBA the skills and knowledge and a step-by-step guide to properly configure their Oracle 11g databases for Oracle SQL Parallel execution. Parallel execution is one of the fundamental database technologies that enable enterprises to manage and process terabytes of data in minutes or even less, not hours or days.

This course discusses the parallel execution architecture of Oracle Database 11g and shows its superiority over alternative architectures for real-world applications. It also gives insight into upgrading from earlier versions of Oracle. Plus while the focus is on Oracle11g, the fundamental concepts are still applicable to earlier versions of Oracle.

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Topics Covered In This Course


  • Fundamental Concepts of Parallel Processing
  • Best Practices Around Parallel Processing
  • Monitoring the Parallel Environment
  • Upgrade Considerations from Earlier Releases of Oracle

Why Parallel Execution

  • Oracle 11g Architecture Overview
  • The Ultimate Goal: Scalability
  • The Oracle Advantage
  • Lesson summary

Fundamental Concepts of Oracle Parallel Execution

  • Processing Parallel SQL Statements
  • Query Coordinator and Parallel Servers
  • Producer/Consumer Model
  • Granules
  • Data Redistribution
  • The ?Magic of Two?
  • Lesson Summary

Enabling Parallel Execution in Oracle11g

  • Controlling SQL Parallel Execution in Oracle
  • Understand Your Target Workload
  • Controlling the Degree of Parallelism
  • Controlling the Usage of Parallelism
  • Lesson Summary

Oracle SQL Parallel Execution Best Practices

  • Start With a Balanced System
  • Calibrate Your configuration
  • Stripe and Mirror Everything (SAME)
  • Set Database Init parameters for Good Performance
  • Memory Allocation
  • Controlling Parallel Servers
  • Enabling Efficient I/O Throughput
  • Use Parallel Execution with common Sense
  • Lesson Summary

Monitoring SQL Parallel Execution

  • Dynamic Views for Monitoring Parallel Performance
  • Enterprise Manager for Parallel Execution Monitoring
  • Interpreting Parallel SQL Execution Plans
  • Parallel Plan W/O Partitioning
  • Parallel Plans with Partitioning and Partition_Wise Join
  • Parallel Wait Events and I?O Monitoring
  • SQL Monitoring
  • Lesson Summary

Upgrade Considerations

  • More Parallel Operations
  • Upgrades from Oracle9i
  • Execution Plan Changes
  • Changes in Database Defaults
  • Oracle Resource Manager

Oracle Data Warehousing Tips

  • What Does a Data Warehouse Need
  • Why Use Oracle for the Data Warehouse
  • AWR and the Data Warehouse
  • Lesson Summary
Who Should Take This Course

Both database administrators and developers.

Recommended Prerequisites

Students should be experienced Oracle DBAs, with good knowledge of Oracle SQL.

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