WebSphere MQ Application Programming

Course:  MQP5
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course is designed to introduce students to application development using WebSphere MQ through Version 7. It is also suitable for application analysts, integration architects and others with a need to know how WebSphere MQ works. No previous MQ knowledge is assumed.

The course is currently available on Windows NT/2000 or OS390/ zOS using COBOL or C/C++, in any combination. Other platforms and languages can be accommodated if commercially viable.

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Topics Covered In This Course

WebSphere MQ's place in the world

  • Messaging compared with other program-program communication methods

Basic MQ Concepts

  • Queues and Queue Managers
  • One-way and two-way flows
  • Distributed queuing
  • MQ clients
  • Clusters and shared queues

How WebSphere MQ works

  • Message types
  • Queue types
  • Message persistence
  • Message prioritization
  • Syncpoints
  • Triggering

WebSphere MQ program design considerations

  • To use a synchronous or an asynchronous application model?
  • To put an expiry time on messages?
  • How to handle "missing" replies?
  • How to handle undeliverable data?
  • The integrity issue

WebSphere MQ program environment

  • Program structure and preparation
  • WebSphere MQ built-in structures
  • WebSphere MQ with CICS
  • Sources of information

WebSphere MQ API calls

  • Connection & disconnection
  • Opening and closing
  • Putting to a queue
  • Browsing a queue
  • Getting from a queue
  • The message ID and correlator ID
  • Setting and finding message characteristics
    • Persistence
    • Priority
    • Report options
    • Reply messages
  • Using WAITs for decoupling client and server apps
  • WebSphere MQ syncpointing
  • Concepts of triggers and trigger monitors
  • Handling and analyzing return codes
  • Message Properties

Advanced topics

  • MQ INQUIRE and SET calls
  • Data conversion issues
  • Security and accounting issues

Optional extra for mainframe users (time permitting)

  • Running WebSphere MQ programs as CICS transactions
What You Can Expect
  • Prepare and run WebSphere MQ programs on the chosen platform
  • Establish connections to WebSphere MQ queue managers
  • Open predefined and dynamic queues
  • Pass data between WebSphere MQ programs using queues
  • Pass reply messages and correlate them with request messages
  • Use selection criteria for picking messages from a queue in a specific order
  • Mark and manage WebSphere MQ units of work (syncpoints)
  • State the requirements for automating conversion between differing data encoding methods when messages flow between different platforms
  • Debug WebSphere MQ programs
  • Navigate the WebSphere MQ SupportPacs and documentation

The participant demonstrates achievement of these goals by successfully completing fifteen hands-on coding exercises.

Recommended Prerequisites

General knowledge of one or more IT application environments

Training Style

This class is taught by lecture with hands-on workshops and class discussions.

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