MongoDB Application Development

Course:  MNGDEV
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

This course teaches MongoDB design, development, deployment and maintenance for application developers. The course begins by explaining what makes MongoDB unique and describing its ideal use cases. The lectures and workshops are designed to help the student master MongoDB in order to leverage it in e-commerce, social networking, analytics, and other common applications. The Big Data Technology can mean big challenges, therefore, this course explains how MongoDB is a document-oriented database designed to be flexible, scalable, and very fast, even with big data loads. The document-oriented database model, high availability, rich dynamic schemas, and easy distribution across multiple servers is also taught. This course provides both the big picture students will need as developers and enough low-level detail to satisfy a system engineer. Business examples will help develop confidence in the crucial area of data modeling. Replication and auto-sharding are also covered.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Introduction to a Database for the Modern Web

  • Born in the cloud
  • Key features
  • Core server and tools
  • Why MongoDB?
  • Tips and limitations

MongoDB through the JavaScript Shell

  • Using into the MongoDB shell
  • Creating and querying with indexes
  • Basic administration
  • Getting help

Writing Programs

  • How the drivers work
  • Building a simple application

Document-oriented Data

  • Principles of schema design
  • Designing an e-commerce data model
  • Nuts and bolts: on databases, collections, and documents

Queries and Aggregation

  • E-commerce queries
  • MongoDB?s query language
  • Aggregating orders
  • Aggregation in detail

Updates, Atomic Operations, and Deletes

  • A brief tour of document updates
  • E-commerce updates
  • Atomic document processing
  • Nuts and bolts: MongoDB updates and deletes

MongoDB Mastery

  • Indexing and query optimization
  • Indexing theory
  • Indexing in practice
  • Query optimization


  • Replication overview
  • Replica sets
  • Master-slave replication
  • Drivers and replication


  • Overview
  • A sample shard cluster
  • Querying and indexing a shard cluster
  • Choosing a shard key
  • Sharding in production

Deployment and Administration

  • Overview
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Maintenance
  • Performance and troubleshooting

Spatial Indexing Considerations

  • Overview
  • Advanced queries
  • Compound spatial indexes
  • Spherical geometry


  • Overview
  • Configuration options

Design Patterns

  • Overview
  • Anti-patterns

Binary Data and GridFS

  • Simple binary storage
  • GridFS

MongoDB in Java, C#, PHP, and C++

  • Java
  • C#
  • PHP
  • C++

Spring Data MongoDB

  • Insert document using save() and insert() to save domain objects.
  • Update documents using save(), updateFirst() and updateMulti().
  • Query documents using findOne(), find() and getCollection().
  • Delete documents using remove() and findAndRemove().
  • GridFS binary file considerations in Spring Data MongoDB.
  • Auto Sequence ID
What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Document Oriented Data
  • Design and build an application that works well with MongoDB
  • Create databases, indexes, queries, and perform standard DB operations
  • Use Map-reduce for custom aggregations and reporting
  • Understand Schema design patterns
  • Create business applications that use MongoDB
  • Deploy Applications for scale and high availability
  • Work with spatial indexes.
  • Use database replication
  • Understand Spring Data MongoDB (optional)
Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for Application developers with no MongoDB or NoSQL experience.

Recommended Prerequisites

A basic understanding of Windows and Remote Desktop is required.

Training Style

Instructor led with 50% lecture and 50% lab.

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