Linux Performance Tuning

Course:  LPT
Duration:  4 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

Linux Performance Tuning is the task of adjusting system resources to match the requirements of the applications. The Linux Performance Tuning course is applicable to all Linux distributions and teaches the delegate the process of observing system behaviour and isolating process operations which may be reducing overall system efficiency.

The Linux Performance Tuning course starts by introducing performance management, using the various monitoring tools, evaluating and setting tuning parameters, monitoring processes and threads, CPU scheduling, system cache and memory, system buses, performing input & output tuning, tuning the ext file system, and network tuning.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Using Linux Monitoring Tools

  • introduction to the sar, vmstat, iostat, netstat & nfsstat tools

Viewing and setting Tuning Parameters

  • using sysdef, & mdb utilities

Monitoring Processes and threads

  • understanding processes & threads and their tunable parameters

Managing CPU scheduling

  • monitoring and controlling CPU performance.

Monitoring System Caches

  • understanding system cache operation & effects

Performance Memory Tuning

  • memory consumption, virtual memory, swap, address space & policies

Managing System Buses & performing I/O operations

  • understand the different system buses and their effects

Tuning the Linux ext file system

  • understanding page & buffer cache, fsflush, inodes, logging

Monitoring Network Performance

  • netstat, ndd, nfssstat

The Linux Kernel 

  • Data Areas, Network Manipulation, Virtual Memory, Re-compiling
Who Should Take This Course

Linux system administrators, kernel developers system tuners and application programmers who require to monitor the their system performance in detail.

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