JavaScript Advanced Programming

Course:  JSAP01
Duration:  2 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

JavaScript Advanced Programming is a hands-on class for students who want to learn more about JavaScript programming. Students will learn how to use advanced JavaScript programming features and techniques to enhance their use of JavaScript in developing Web pages.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Error-handling and Debugging

  • Common Scripting Errors
  • Using the Microsoft Windows Script Debugger
  • Language-based Debugging and Error Handling

Custom Objects

  • Introduction to Objects
  • Constructor Functions
  • Methods

Regular Expressions

  • The Regular Expression Object
  • Character Types and Ranges
  • Quantity Indicators
  • Location Indicators
  • Ignoring Case with the i Modifier
  • Specifying Alternates
  • The RegExp() Constructor

String Methods that Can Use Regular Expressions

  • The match() Method
  • The replace() Method
  • The split() Method

Building a Form Toolbox

  • Accessing a JavaScript Library

More Tools for Working with Forms

  • The searchRadios() Function
  • The getListValue() Function
  • The type Property of Form Elements


  • Introduction to Arrays
  • Creating and Populating Arrays
  • Deleting Array Elements
  • Multi-dimensional Arrays

Displaying and Manipulating Data Tables

  • Loading Data
  • Selecting Data for Display
  • Searching Data for Display
  • Sorting Data for Display

Cookies Review

  • Introduction to the Cookie Object
  • Storing Cookies
  • Reading and Processing Cookie Values
  • Deleting Cookies

Dynamic Forms

  • Jump Menus
    • The options[] Array
    • The selectedIndex Property
    • Disabling Form Elements
  • Interdependent Select Menus
    • Making the Code Modular
  • Creating a JavaScript Timer
  • A Sample Quiz Tool

Dynamic HTML

  • Introduction
  • Accessing and Modifying Styles
  • Hiding and Showing Elements
  • The innerHTML Property
  • Manipulating Tables
  • Dynamically Changing Dimensions
    • Creating a Timed Slider
  • Positioning Elements Dynamically
    • Creating a Different Timed Slider
    • Changing the Z-Index

Communicating With Applets

  • Communicating With Java Applets
  • Communicating With Flash
  • Communicating with ActiveX

JavaScript and Server Applications

  • Communicating With Server Applications


  • Compatibility Options
  • Detecting Browser and Platforms
  • Supporting multiple browsers
  • Dealing With Browsers That Do Not Support JavaScript
  • Detecting Browser And JavaScript Versions
  • Object Detection
What You Can Expect

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Debug code and handle errors.

• Create custom objects with custom methods and properties.

• Create, read to, write from, and delete both single and multi-dimensional arrays.

• Build functionality that selects, sorts, and searches data tables for display.

• Store, retrieve, and delete cookies.

• Use regular expressions for advanced form validation

• Create dynamic forms with JavaScript

• Create dynamic web applications with JavaScript and Dynamic HTML

• Check for browser support on a feature by feature basis

• Create dynamic menus

• Create stunning visual effects with Dynamic HTML

• Position elements dynamically

• Modify content on the fly

• Write JavaScript code to communicate with Java applets, Flash movies and ActiveX controls.

Who Should Take This Course

Students enrolling in this course should understand basic JavaScript programming. For example, students should already know how to write and call a simple JavaScript function and manipulate windows, documents and forms.

Recommended Prerequisites

Before they begin this course, students should understand basic JavaScript programming.

Training Style

Instructor-led, groups-paced, classroom-delivery with structured hands-on activities.

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