JEE Application Development Boot Camp With WebSphere

Course:  JEEWS
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

This course teaches the student the most common components of Java Enterprise Edition applications. Starting with an overview of JEE, appropriate layers are added for the Database (JPA), Business Domain logic (EJBs), Web View (JSP and JSF), and remote access with Web Services. WebSphere Application Server will be used throughout the course as a key development component. Due to the number and complexity of topics, the course will be very demanding on time and may require outside of class assignments/workshop time.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Introduction to JEE

  • Concepts
  • WebSphere overview
  • IDE Setup
  • New features
  • History


  • Java Enterprise Edition 6
  • Project basics
  • Java EE 6 project types
  • Project wizards
  • Sample projects

Unified Modeling Language

  • Constructing and visualizing applications with UML
  • Working with UML class diagrams
  • Exploring relationships in applications
  • Describing interactions with UML sequence diagrams
  • More information about UML

Developing Database Applications

  • Connecting to the database
  • Creating SQL statements
  • Developing Java stored procedures
  • Developing SQLJ applications
  • Data modeling

Persistence Using the Java Persistence API

  • Introducing the Java Persistence API
  • Creating a JPA project
  • Creating JPA entities
  • Creating a JPA Manager Bean
  • Visualizing JPA entities
  • Testing JPA entities
  • Preparing the entities for deployment in the server

Developing Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Applications

  • Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Developing an EJB module
  • Testing the session EJB and the JPA entities
  • Invoking EJBs from web applications
  • Websphere deployment

Developing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Application Clients

  • Introduction to Java EE application clients
  • Developing the Java EE application client
  • Testing the Java EE application client
  • Packaging the Java EE application client

Developing Web Services Applications

  • Introduction to web services
  • New function in Java EE 6 for web services
  • JAX-WS programming model
  • Web services development approaches
  • Creating bottom-up web services from a JavaBean
  • Creating web services from an EJB
  • Creating a top-down web service from a WSDL

Developing Web Applications Using JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Servlets

  • Introduction to Java EE web applications
  • Web development tooling
  • Application design
  • Implementing the application
  • Web application testing

Developing Web Applications Using JavaServer Faces

  • Introduction to JSF
  • Developing a web application using JSF and JPA

Building Applications with Apache Ant

  • Introduction to Ant
  • Building a Java EE application

Deploying Enterprise Applications

  • Introduction to application deployment
  • Preparing for the EJB application deployment
  • Packaging the application for deployment
  • Manual deployment of enterprise applications
  • Automated deployment using Jython-based wsadmin scripting

Debugging Local and Remote Applications

  • Debugging a web application on a local server
  • Debugging a web application on a remote server
What You Can Expect

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how JEE and JSE differ
  • Work with EJBs (Applications and Clients)
  • Use JPA and understand how it differs from JDBC
  • Create and test Web Services
  • Create JavaServer Pages and Servlets
  • Create JavaServer Faces
  • Use Ant to automate tasks
  • Use WebSphere Application server for application development and testing
  • Debug JEE applications
Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for Programmers and Architects who wish to build Java Enterprise applications.

Recommended Prerequisites

At least six months of Java programming is required.

Training Style

Lecture (50%) / Workshop (50%)

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