JBoss Enterprise BRMS Implementation

Course:  JBBRM
Duration:  4 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

Business rules can help a business by providing a level of agility and flexibility. A developer is responsible for implementing these business rules effectively; however, implementing them systematically can often be difficult due to their complexity. This course makes the process of implementing these rules quicker and less complex.

This course covers dynamic rules, the event model, and high performance indexing. It will help the student set up the JBoss Rules platform and start creating their own business rules.

Starting with an introduction to the basic syntax that is essential for writing rules, the course will guide the student through validation and human-readable rules that define, maintain, and support business agility. Developers are expected to represent policies, procedures and. constraints regarding how an enterprise conducts its business; this course makes it easier by showing how it can be done.

Students learn how to author, test, debug, and control business rules in a production environment. In addition, they will generate rules packages and learn how the BRMS runtime environment executes rules. The principles in this course apply equally to customers implementing a standalone BRMS solution.

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Topics Covered In This Course


  • Problems with traditional approaches
  • The solution
  • BRMS overview
  • Alternatives to BRMS
  • Development Environment Setup

Basic Rules

  • Rule basics
  • Rule syntax


  • Banking domain model
  • Problem definition
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Validation package
  • Implementation
  • Validation service

Data Transformation

  • Process overview
  • Getting the data
  • Writing transformation rules
  • Transformation results
  • Implementation of the data loading

Human-readable Rules

  • Domain Specific Language
  • Decision tables
  • BRMS Flow

Stateful Session

  • Introduction to stateful session
  • Validation using stateful session

Complex Event Processing

  • CEP and ESP
  • Fusion
  • Fraud detection


  • Loan approval service
  • Loan approval ruleflow

Sample Application

  • Users
  • Architecture
  • Technologies
  • Business logic
  • Design
  • Configuration
  • Repositories
  • Validation
  • Loan approval


  • How to write unit tests for rules
  • Rule integration testing
  • Rule acceptance testing
  • Static analysis of rules
  • Troubleshooting techniques


  • Dynamic KnowledgeBase loading
  • External artifact building
  • Execution server
  • Spring Framework integration
  • Standards


  • Rete algorithm
  • Node sharing
  • Node indexing
  • KnowledgeBase partitioning
What You Can Expect

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Author business rules in JBoss Developer Studio and Guvnor
  • Author and test business rules
  • Author rule templates and generating rules from them
  • Use BRMS architecture and rule execution at runtime
  • Control rule execution and prevent conflicts
  • Test approaches
  • Package, debug, and deploy business rules
  • Understand performance considerations
Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for Business Analysts and Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) architects who are responsible for creating and adapting business policies, rules authors responsible for authoring and testing rules, and JEE application developers responsible for integrating business rules into SOA and JEE enterprise applications.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic Java EE programming experience or classroom training.

Training Style

Lecture (50%) / Workshop (50%)

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