Course:  IMSDC
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

The course explains the concepts, capabilities, and coding for IMS Data Communications programs. Participants will create screens and code Message Format Services (MFS) macros to implement those screen. They will work with COBOL programs to send/receive/process messages. Screen attributes, message switching, and PFF key programming is included. Testing with Batch Terminal Simulator (BTS) and the clients tools will be included.

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Topics Covered In This Course


  • Course Introduction
  • IMS Data Communications - Overview
  • Message Format Services - Devices
  • Workshop 1 - Code DIF/DOF
  • Message Format Services - Messages
  • Workshop 2 - Code MID/MOD


  • IMS Application Programming Workshop 3 - Code Sign-on Program
  • Batch Terminal Simulator (BTS)
  • Workshop 4 - Test Sign-on Program
  • Workshop 5 - Code and Test Menu Program


  • Additional IMS/DC Features
  • PF Keys
  • Workshop 6 - Add PF keys


  • Dynamic Attribute Modification
  • Workshop 7 - Add Changing Attribute Bytes
  • Operator Logical Paging
  • Workshop 8 - Add Operator Logical Paging


  • Batch Message Program (GSAM, CHKP/XRST)
  • Processing Modes
  • Express Output Messages
  • UN-Doing Processing - the ROLL back (ROLL, ROLB)
  • Conversational Processing
  • Workshop 9 - Code and Test "Batch Message" program
What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the relationship among terminals, messages, and programs.
  • Code MFS macros that describe on-line screens and messages.
  • Modify COBOL programs to access IMS terminals.
  • Code Data Language I (DL/I) calls for the following:
    • Get a message (GU) from a terminal
    • Insert a message (ISRT) to a terminal
    • Insert a message (ISRT) to another program
    • Change (CHNG) the destination for a message
  • Code program IO-AREAs to match a terminal's messages.
  • Code status code checking to determine each call's success.
  • Modify Batch Terminal Simulator (BTS) control statements.
  • Code the use of PF Keys.
  • Change screen attributes from the program.
Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for participants wanting to code and maintain programs that run in the IMS DC environment.

Recommended Prerequisites

IMS Database programming experience is NOT required. Six months experience with COBOL, TSO/PDF and JCL is suggested. Note: VMware can be used for the IMC/DC environment.

Training Style

Lecture (50%) / Lab (50%)

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