IBM Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS CMOD

Course:  IBMOD9
Duration:  5 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

The course is for OnDemand Administrators and employees responsible for devising solutions that index and load documents into an OnDemand system. Hands on Labs cover the Command Utilities e.g. ARSADMIN, ARSXML, ARSMAINT AND ARSDOC. Document Indexing, Building Reporting Objects and other Report Types (ASCII & PDF) using the Generic Indexer are covered.

Storage Management, Document Storage and System Administration are explained in detail.

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Topics Covered In This Course

Introduction to OnDemand

  • System concepts and components
  • OnDemand objects
  • Report processing
  • Document retrieval
  • Database tables and system logs

Document Indexing

  • Indexing basics
  • Additional indexing features
  • Indexing using multiple triggers

Build Reporting Objects

  • Create an application group
  • Create an application
  • Folders and cabinets
  • Load a report file
  • Modify a report
  • Configure permissions

Other Report Types

  • ASCII line data using the OnDemand Wizard
  • PDF report files
  • Using the Generic Indexer

Storage Management

Concepts and components

  • Storage scenarios
  • Configure cache storage
  • Configure archive storage

Document Storage

  • Cache structures
  • OnDemand database
  • Document retrieval
  • Using ARSMAINT

System Administration

  • System configuration
  • Configure the system log
  • Automate document loading
  • Enhanced Retention Manager
  • Create a document approval process
  • Manage objects using ARSXML
  • Manage users and groups

Optional topics

  • Creating AFP documents
  • Convert line data to AFP documents
  • EBCDIC line data: transactions
  • Query documents
  • Retrieve documents
  • Add, update, and delete documents
What You Can Expect
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to administer an IBM Content Manager OnDemand system using the tools and techniques presented here.
  • Learn the skills required to implement a system solution for indexing and loading documents into an OnDemand system.
Who Should Take This Course
  • Anyone who is currently, or soon will be, administering an IBM Content Manager OnDemand system OnDemand Report Administrators - individuals who implement OnDemand solutions to index and load documents into an OnDemand system
Recommended Prerequisites
  • An understanding of basic database concepts
  • Some experience as a system administrator, database Administrator, or business solution builder
Training Style

Lecture, discussion, demonstrations and extensive hands-on labs.

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