APPN/HPR and Enterprise Extender Workshop

Course:  HPREE
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  II
Course Summary

For security, dependability and sheer capacity for work, communications software running on the IBM z/OS platform has never been surpassed. No other course available today teaches you how to get the most from a VTAM SNA/APPN/HPR/Enterprise Extender network, Border Node connections to business partners, and applications such as CICS and IMS that still use them.

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Topics Covered In This Course

APPN/HPR review

  • Mainframe networking in historical perspective
  • Advanced Peer-Peer Networking emerges
  • A quick tour of base APPN by worked example
    • Node types and capabilities
    • Ability to connect without pre-definition
    • Topology Database
    • Central Directory
    • Resource search
    • Route selection
  • 3270 support
    • DLUR/S
    • TN3270E
  • Connection Networks

HPR emerges and matures

  • Rapid Transport Protocol (RTP)
  • Automatic Network Routing (ANR)
  • Adaptive Rate-based Pacing (ARB)
  • Peripheral and Extended Border Nodes
  • Branch Extender
  • Other enhancements

Enterprise Extender concepts

  • HPR encapsulated into UDP/IP

VTAM Implementation and Operations

  • Overview
  • VTAM node roles and capabilities
    • Network Node, End Node, Composite Node, Interchange Node, Migration Host
    • Extended Border Node
  • VTAM Customization
    • Start options for node functionality, Enterprise Extender, performance, search optimization, message control
  • Connectivity setup
    • CDLC, MPC, OSA-Express and XCF
  • Enterprise Extender definition and tuning
    • TCP/IP profile statements, XCA and SWNET major nodes for EE
    • EE pre-definition versus Connection Network
  • TN3270E server and VTAM customization
  • VTAM operations
    • Displaying options, topology, connectivity, searches, routing
    • Operating Enterprise Extender

Search optimization

  • How searches work in mixed APPN/subarea networks
  • Duplicate search avoidance
  • Design recommendations
  • Border Node settings
  • Fine tuning

Logmodes, Routing and Class-of-Service

  • Logon modes and COS resolution in subarea and APPN networks
  • Transmission Group Profiles
  • assigning TGPs to links
  • assigning route resistance to nodes
  • the COSAPPN table
  • COS name mapping tables

APPN VTAM problem determination

  • Problem scenarios
  • Analysing VTAM displays
  • IP tools
  • Analysing traces
    • Formats and protocols in depth
  • Practical scenarios
What You Can Expect

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain how the z/OS SNA stack continues to work today with TCP/IP
  • Produce clean start option and definition sets for Enterprise Extender
  • Maintain a balance between old-fashioned predefinition and modern VTAM dynamics
  • Know where to find hidden default settings that could be improved
  • Cut down on unnecessary cycle burn due to excessive resource searches and path switches
  • Monitor the well-being of APPN/HPR and Enterprise Extender
  • Demonstrate in-depth debugging skills on APPN/HPR and Enterprise Extender
Who Should Take This Course

Systems Programmers, Network Analysts and Technical Managers with a need to plan, implement, operate, tune and debug Enterprise Extender and APPN Border Node networks.

Recommended Prerequisites

A general background in networking will help those attending the first day of the course looking for an appreciation of the subjects.

After that the material is aimed at those needing implementation specifics, tuning and problem-solving tips. It becomes unashamedly challenging and will be positively difficult for anyone lacking mainframe knowledge in general and experience with z/OS Communications Server in particular.

Training Style

The class is led by an instructor in person or by webcast from a coursebook that delegates receive in advance. The coursebook incorporates paper exercises and examples. Additionally, machine-readable files are distributed for the practical exercises*.

Significantly better value is achievable, however, if delegates can be coached through custom tasks hands-on in their own estates, using the real-life tooling.

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