HP-UX System Administration

Course:  HPADM1
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

Attendees will gain a thorough knowledge of the HP/UX operating system and be able to support a multi-platform HP-UX installation.  The course will cover the use of many of the advanced facilities for installing, configuring and maintaining the system. Having gained suitable, complementary experience they can progress to further specialised training to establish peak effectiveness.

This course is suitable for users of HP-UX 11i V1, V2 or V3, and covers both PA-RISC and Integrity Systems.

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Topics Covered In This Course

System Administration

  • The Superusers
  • Switching Users
  • System Administration Menu (SAM)
  • Adding Custom Commands to SAM
  • System Management Homepage (SMH)
  • Adding Custom Commands to SMH

User Management

  • Adding a User
  • Using SAM/SMH to Create a New User
  • The User Environment


  • Why Security?
  • The HP-UX Advanced Security Sub-System
  • Trusted Computer Base (TCB)


  • Hardware Overview
  • Device Files


  • Standard Directory Layout
  • Filesystems
  • HFS Filesystems Structure
  • The Journalised Filesystem (VxFS)
  • The Veritas Filesystem (VxVM)
  • The HP-UX LVM
  • Using Logical Volumes to Hold Filesystems
  • Mounting Filesystems
  • Filesystems Mounted at Boot
  • Unmounting Filesystems
  • Listing Mounted Filesystems
  • Creating Filesystems Using sam/smh

File System Maintenance

  • Monitoring Disk Usage
  • Typical Areas that Need Monitoring
  • HP-UX Housekeeping Scripts
  • Maximum File Sizes
  • Expanding File Systems
  • SWAP
  • Fixing Broken Filesystems ? fsck

The Software Distributor

  • Creating a Distribution Depot
  • Installing Software
  • Examining a Directory Depot


  • Understanding the Process
  • Examining Processes
  • Killing Processes
  • Timing Commands

Timing and Scheduling

  • Scheduling One-off Jobs
  • Regular Job Scheduling
  • Setting up Schedules
  • Security Considerations

Backup and Restoring

  • Why Back Up?
  • The fbackup Command
  • The frecover Command
  • The cpio Command
  • Restoring Files
  • The tar uitlity
  • The dd Command
  • Ignite/UX

Printer Management

  • Printing
  • Printer Administration
  • Local, Remote and Network Printers
  • Printer Interface Scripts
  • Creating Print Queues
  • Print Queue Maintenance
  • HPDPS ? HP Distributed Print Systems

Booting and Shutting Down

  • HP-UX Start-up Sequence
  • The boot process
  • Starting an Integrity (IA64-based) system
  • Using the efi shell
  • Starting a PA-RISC system
  • Init States (Run Levels)
  • The /etc/inittab file
  • The sequencer directories
  • Inserting your own start-up scripts
  • Shutdown Commands
  • Boot Problems

Disaster Recovery & Boot failure

  • Boot Failures


  • Installing HP-UX
  • The Kernel and kernel modifications
Who Should Take This Course

Those who need to expand their basic knowledge of HP-UX to enable them to successfully administer activities to be undertaken within the HP-UX environment.

Recommended Prerequisites

Delegates should have a basic understanding of UNIX or Linux and ideally some experience in the workplace. Attendance at our UNIX/Linux Essentials course is recommended. Knowledge of a standard UNIX editor (e.g. vi) is required

Training Style

This course is highly interactive with plenty of theory reinforced with extensive practical workshop sessions.

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