Essential F# Programming

Course:  FSHARP
Duration:  2 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

F# is a functional programming language and hence adopts a style which bows to both procedural and object-oriented methods. It derives from the need to express things almost mathematically, but using algorithms and formulas implemented in programming language syntax.

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Topics Covered In This Course

F# Program Quick Start:

  • Overview of the basic components of a F# Application, including both interpreter on compiler options, enough F# to write your first simple programs.

Simple Datatypes and Operators:

  • F# primitive, built-in types, together with operators used to manipulate them, how to declare identifiers, the rules of operator precedence, how conversions between different data types are handled, and an initial look at the scoping rules that control the visibility of program items.

Control Flow:

  • F# constructs for control of flow within programs, conditional and iterative constructs along with the boolean operators


  • Grouping of data into container constructs such as tuples, arrays and lists.


  • The very ethos of F# and Functional programming, functional data flow, scoping, and function tricks

Classes and Objects

  • Introduces the object-oriented side of F# through user-defined encapsulated types
Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for experienced programmers that need to start developing F# applications.

Recommended Prerequisites

It is assumed that anyone attending this course is experienced in a block-structured language such as Pascal, modern variants of Basic, Smalltalk, Ada, C or C++, Java etc. They should be familiar with concepts such as functions or procedures, control flow, arrays, and structures or records. Knowledge of C++, Java or the other .NET languages is neither assumed nor required.

Training Style

The course is spread over a two-day period and comprises of instructor-led presentations and practical hands-on exercises. The practical sessions are structured to give the delegates the opportunity to put into practice all of the language constructs covered during the instructor-led sessions. The delegates will be able to take away with them copies of all the code they have written, along with sample solutions and demonstration code. The course contains applications which make use of Visual Studio .NET, but does not rely on it.

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