DreamWeaver FastTrack

Course:  DWFT01
Duration:  3 Days
Level:  I
Course Summary

Macromedia DreamWeaver, teaches students how to use Macromedia DreamWeaver's powerful tools to create attractive Web pages and organize them into a professional quality Web site. After completing the course, students will be able to import and format text using character styles and paragraph formats, add images to Web pages and modify them to create image maps, create hyperlinks between pages for navigation through a Web site, create tables for aligning text and images, and build a Web site with frames to aid viewer navigation.

The second half of the workshop teaches students how to use DreamWeaver' s advanced tools to create and manage complex websites. You will work with advanced site creation features including libraries, behaviors, and timelines. In addition, you will utilize many of the new features available within the HTML 4 standard, including CSS styles and layers.

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Topics Covered In This Course

DreamWeaver Basics

  • Internet access and HTML orientation
  • The DreamWeaver environment
  • Editing an existing page
  • Viewing HTML and download time
  • Creating and formatting text in a Web page
  • Saving and titling Web pages
  • Working with images

Designing a Site and Working with Text

  • Defining a Web Site
  • Working with the Site window
  • Working with templates
  • Importing text
  • HTML text
  • Character formatting
  • Paragraph formatting
  • HTML styles

Working with Links and Images

  • Creating links within a site
  • Creating anchors
  • Working with external links
  • Importing images
  • Resizing images
  • Using images as links

Enhancing Web Sites with Tables and Frames, and Uploading

  • Creating tables
  • Changing table layout
  • Formatting text in tables
  • Table attributes
  • Using tables for layout

Creating a Frameset

  • Web pages in framesets
  • Frame link destinations

Libraries and Style Sheets

  • Creating a library
  • Modifying a library item
  • Defining style sheets
  • Applying style sheets to multiple site pages

Rollovers and Navigation Bars

  • Creating rollovers
  • Adding image states to a navigation bar using behaviors
  • Using the Insert Navigation Bar tool

Defining Head Elements and Working with Layers

  • Defining head elements
  • Working with meta tags
  • Creating layers
  • Using the Layers palette
  • Layers and behaviors

Working with Timelines and Browser Targeting

  • Layer movement
  • Creating frame-based animation
  • Creating dynamic content
  • Testing browser compatibility
  • Converting pages to earlier browser versions
  • Browser checking
What You Can Expect
  • Add links within a site, create anchors, and specify external links.
  • Build a frames-based site to assist the viewer in navigation.
  • Create a basic Web page by typing text and importing graphics.
  • Create and format tables to assist in page design.
  • Design a site from scratch, beginning with developing a site map, through final upload of the site to a Web server.
  • Explain basic concepts about the Internet and the World Wide Web, and how to publish a site.
  • Import text directly into DreamWeaver pages using several methods.
  • Navigate in the DreamWeaver work environment.
  • Perform character and paragraph formatting on text, and define and apply HTML styles to speed up repetitive formatting.
  • Upload a site to a remote Web server.
  • Use images as links and create image maps.
  • Combine layers with behaviors to provide additional visual feedback for a viewer navigating a site.
  • Create CSS styles to streamline text formatting within a page, and create external style sheets to allow formatting information to be used throughout a website.
  • Create dynamic user-interface elements, including simple rollovers and complex navigation bars.
  • Create layers using a number of techniques, and manage the size, position, stacking order, and visibility of layers.
  • Define keyword, descriptions, and other meta tags in order to make your site visible to automatic search engine spiders.
  • Target page content to specific browsers and versions.
  • Work with libraries to manage repeating site elements.
  • Work with timelines to create basic animations and complex time-based sequences on your site pages.
Who Should Take This Course

Users, developers, and technical staff at all levels who need to use DreamWeaver's tools to create attractive Web pages and organize them into a professional quality Web site.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of your computer's operating system

Training Style

Instructor-Led, Hands on training environment.

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